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    Outfits /// 5 Struggles anyone that only wears black will understand

    REPEAT OFFENDER...  In Defence of Wearing Black 24/7


    You've probably noticed that the world is obsessed with wearing black, and for good reason: It's easy and always looks polished. Whether you're a college student or a working woman, it seems everyone's go-to outfit is a pair of black denim or black pencil skirt. Some may wear black from head to toe or use it to mix and match with other colours, but there's a good chance that a substantial portion of your wardrobe is black. Today's post is proof that wearing all black on repeat will in no way hinder your style. Just pair a black look with bold hues, playful fabrics and classic accessories for maximum impact. I bought this blue peplum top from my recent Spring haul, you can see the video here. 

    We get that giving up black entirely is a tall order. But for the most youthful effect, you might want to try swapping it out for, or pairing it with other "new black" colours when it's something that's worn close to your face. Be open to try charcoal grey, navy blue and tan camel. You may just discover how much you truly enjoy it. Okay, enough of that, let's relish in 5 struggles anyone that only wears black will understand:

    1. White deodorant marks are the bane of your life. The first company to make a spray that actually doesn't leave white streaks across your clothes will make millions.
    2. You sometimes worry that people think you wear the exact same top and trousers every single day. No, you just have the same outfit 10 times over.
    3. You haven't bought so many nice things because they don't come in black. Farewell to all the clothes you left in the fitting rooms because they only come in blushed pink or red.
    4. And don't even talk to us about getting makeup marks around the collar. Whoever says it's worse on white tops is lying.
    5. You feel like the places you can shop is narrowly limited by colour palette, and usually only ever find stuff you like in Zara, H&M and sometimes Topshop.
     But ultimately, it's all worth it because wearing black is a way of life and you love it. True story.
    Sound familiar? Same. Let me know your thoughts on the colour black in the comment section below? Are you a chic black wearer or do you love a pop of colour?

    Peace and Love,



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