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    BEAUTY EDIT /// The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette?


    Over the past month, I've had the series on the blog called 'Beauty Edit' where I would keep my eye on the latest releases that I think might be worthy of a sport in my everyday line-up. I definitely don't pay as much attention to new products as I used to in the past as I prefer to streamline my makeup collection in this time of my life. This specific palette is a new release but as mentioned in my latest Sephora haul video, as soon as I walked into Sephora and looked at the palette in person, I was instantly stunned. Scroll down to end of this post to see the swatches and review, but in the meantime I thought I'd give you some pictures of the palette to browse through...

    I know… I’m a little late to the party. I’ve been keeping this palette to myself for the last two weeks, but I really wanted to make sure that it was worth its salt before I shared with you just how good this is. I was dead set keen on nabbing their latest offering, the ‘in bloom’ palette something which felt a little lacking from Tarte’s original Amazonian Clay Palette. Spoiler, just like the original, the pigmentation is excellent, overall. 

    I started with “rocker” all across the lid, then applied “activist” in the outer corners and up into the crease just a bit. I grabbed a smaller eyeshadow brush and pressed “funny girl” right on top of my eyeliner (and this is the technique I used to apply that!) and blended everything out with “charmer”. And to finish, I applied “firecracker” at the base of my lower lashes just to add a bit of depth under my eye to round out the shape. I loved the look! The shades in the palette show in the images online are much warmer than they look/wear in real life, so just keep that in mind. The final look was rich and chocolatey, with shimmery warm copper/gold all across the lids and lower lash line.


    From the left: Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker and Smokeshow
    Flower Child, Smarty Pants, Firecracker and Activist

    Funny Girl, Sweetheart, Rebel and Leader


    The shadows are all formulated with Tarte's signature Amazonian Clay to deliver incredible colour payoff, lasting power and blendability. All of the shadows are absolutely amazing, the matte shades are some of the best I have ever encountered. They are super silky, ultra creamy and smooth. They are slightly powdery especially the light matte shades but in the best possible way. The powdery aspect only translates to smooth even pigmentation similar to Lorac or Kat Von D powders. Kat Von D eyeshadows have tons of kickoff but the Tarte palette has some kickoff, but translates as smooth and creamy when applied on the lids. All of the shades (even the shimmers) are super vibrant and work well on dark skin as it's packed with pigment which translates to intense payoff on the lids. They all blend beautifully with just a few strokes of your brush and are all around incredibly easy to work with. 

     What really surprised me about this palette wasn’t how good it was, but the scent. It’s a little bit of a cross between Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette and a fresh marshmallow plucked straight from the bag, and makes the whole palette seem that much sweeter (as long as you have a sweet tooth like me, that is!).
    My favourites in the palette are hands down Flower Child, Smarty Pants and Sweetheart, plus I love a little bit of Leader packed onto the lash line and smoked out for a little bit of depth.
    Personally, this definitely sits within my all time favourite palettes; it’s fairly neutral, high quality, and has a large enough variety of shades to keep me coming back to it on a daily basis. Have you added this palette to your collection yet? 
    Peace and Love,


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