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    Spoiler: It's Time To Save Money, Honey!

     How To Grab An Awesome Beauty Bargain

    Over the past few months, I’ve snapped new products I am testing out and trying and I’ve received SO many questions regarding my thoughts on these products. However, I thought it would be fun to share with you my holy grail drugstore (or affordable) makeup as well as my holy grail high end items! 

    I am typically a ‘you get what you paid for’ type girl - for the most part I typically like the real deal more than the dupe when it comes to beauty products. However, the past few months I’ve found some ‘dupe' items that I think are better or equal to the high end products. So let’s get started...
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    I don't know how it happened, but my current beauty spending is at an all-time low. Unfortunately the same can't be said for my Spring Wardrobe (Watch my haul here), My bad. When it comes to makeup though I feel like I have my favourites the Holy Grail status stuff that I repurchase over and over again and hen it's only on the odd occasion when something catches my eye. When it comes to purchasing, whether it is for the first time or the 47th time, here is a Full Face vs Drugstore Makeup Dupes. Read on as I share my cost-effective beauty products.


    I seriously LOVE this foundation, it's pricy but it is worth it- for a natural, organic foundation. I think it is best for those who need light to medium coverage  and have normal to dry skin. This foundation can be worn as a concealer as well, it lasts ALL day and is REALLY good. I keep it in my makeup bag for touch ups throughout the day. I don't know of any natural foundation that even compares to this. Holy grail status, most definitely.

    I’ve seen so many bloggers rave about this and I finally gave it a try. I am always disappointed in bronzers as they tend to only comes in one shade and they aren't dark enough for me BUT this bronzer is pure magic and comes in more than 10 shades. It is so smooth and looks SO good and natural! I also love the smell and packaging! I use it on my arms and feet in the summer for a golden tan.  :)

    I seriously LOVE this eyeshadow palette. It is pricy but it is worth it - if you need it. I think it is best for those who love eyeshadows that are wearable but also want to experiment with warm shades. This orange and pink shades can be worn alone for events but I use the shimmery shades and the brown shades every day. It lasts ALL day and is REALLY good. I don’t know of any eyeshadow palette that even compares to this in terms of quality but read on for a really close alternative...

    Ahhh I spent years hunting down the perfect eyeshadow primer- but never wanted to go premium. :( I found some many dupes  and purchased them but the color was always grey and it always irritated my sensitive eyes BUT the Urban Decay Primer Potion formula is so good. It’s full coverage and just wears so well and covers my dark eyelids.

    This comes as a shock to me but this is flipping amazing. I swear by my Hourglass Ambient Powder in Radiant Light but after trying this on camera, I am in LOVE. It is not the best highlighter in the makeup world but for dark skin, this is a really great one. I really love for a flawless application and I can confirm it lasts for 8 hours without touch-ups. Looking on the Jouer website, it's apparently their best-selling highlighter and I can definitely agree that you will look luminous and that lit-from-within glow.


    -You guys know that the Laura Mercier powder is a HG of mine - I will not travel with out it. However, I decided to try this since it’s cheaper and I actually really like it & think it is comparable to the Laura Mercier. (This video here is where I show my daily makeup routine and how I use this powder.)

    -I own like every highlighter that comes out - mainly because not many work on my skin or show up on my skin. I am always trying new ones hoping they will really show up and make my skin glow! The other day, I got a package from ColourPop and randomly tried their highlighter and I was in shock. They are GOOD. Holy cow - you guys have to try it!

    I keep this in my handbag because it’s a favorite of mine. I have HG mascaras like Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara but I like using this one for layering mascara. If I want my lashes to look extra long I add a coat of this one!

    Just a warning - you will try to buy all the shades BUT it is totally worth it. The formula SO waterproof and long-lasting that I find it 100% worth it. It’s super user friendly but boy, when you get used to it - it stays and your lipstick will not move all day! A definite repurchase.

    I seriously LOVE this eyeshadow palette and a dupe for Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette. I was so excited when Colorpop finally released an eyeshadow palette and this doesn't disappoint. The orange and pink shades are the best but I wish they added a dark brown or black so one can create a fun look. However, one con shouldn't dissuade you, It lasts ALL day and is REALLY good. I don’t know of any drugstore eyeshadow palette that even compares to this in terms of quality. By far, the best dupe of 2016.

    Peace and Love,



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