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    The Cashmere Edit /// 100% Coziness Guaranteed

    They're so soft, and a cozy remedy to freezing cold days.

    Over the past couple years, I have developed quite the crush on cashmere. The allure of the ultimate "investment piece" gets me every time. Especially when browsing Net-a-Porter The Edit section and a cashmere sweater is called not a classic, but a timeless piece. Have you noticed that in fashion, the term, timeless has now replaced classic. I stand by the belief that a timeless piece should be purchased with the expectation that it'll live happily in your closet, ad infinitum. Something better than classic, count me in. Cashmere sweaters are so snuggly, like teddy bear snuggly. It feels like you are constantly being hugged especially when you are braving the winter cold.

    I'm now at the point where the majority of my jumpers are cashmere, because once you reach that 100% level, it's hard (and seriously itchy) to go back. My only tips? Be careful with washing, I hand wash mine separately with cold water turned inside-out (unless you want to shrink your investment) and when drying, always fold them otherwise they might lose shape. Bonus tip is to make sure to wear a thin cotton shirt underneath, so when it becomes too hot, you can remove the sweater instead of passing out from the heat they generate. And finally - buy them now! I've found lots on sale as they are now in the end of winter season sale. Great deal. So here's my edit of the cream of the cashmere crop... 


    You can't go wrong with a cashmere sweater in classic navy blue in a crew neck cut. You'll be wearing them until till eternity and if it has patchwork on the elbows, bonus for trendiness. I'm a fan of crew necks like the Equipment Sloane Cashmere Jumpers, although aritzia do an amazing dupe in a load of colours. I've got both and find that they both wash well with minimal pilling. I love the Chintu & Parker Sweater I'm wearing in this post, but Uniqlo and Joe Fresh do the best knitwear available at an affordable price period.


    This is the category of jumpers that are the hardest to buy. Do you purchase stripes, starred or polka dot? its always a conundrum. Because the stuff is so expensive, it's a far more riskier purchase to make, but there are some patterns that are timeless - take that classic stripe print. I'm absolutely LOVING this Chinti & Parker Stripe Cashmere Sweater that I wore in my winter morning routine video.  It's just the right amount of boyfriend-baggy, while being fitted, has washed up well and I know it's something that I'll still want to wear years from now. If you prefer a more colourful option, there's always this Chinto & Parker starry jumper. The biggest steal I've found in this category though is the H&M Cashmere Polo Neck Sweater  which so affordable, for 100% cashmere.


    Why stop at a sweater when you can swath yourself in cashmere, eh? The rest of your body needs to be warm too. For me, a sweater is not as crucial as a great winter coat, a warm scarf and cozy socks and boots. Do you remember my biggest splurge this winter season, the MaxMara Miki Cashmere Coat. Well, I found an affordable 100% cashmere coat at H&M the other day and its a definite dupe. Yep, if you wait long enough, it will go on sale. I don't think you can go wrong with scarves either and this White Cashmere Scarf and Cashmere Blend Socks are a classic- I've just popped some in my basket. One area I've yet to explore are cozy Cashmere track pants - can you even imagine the coziness? I can feel it calling my name...

    Peace and Love,


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