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    OUTFITS /// How To Wear A Pink Faux Fur Coat

    How to wear pink furry coat (and still look cool).

    The pink coat has been this seasons go to. The sugary hue has had me on a feeding frenzy! Guilty! I've purchased a couple of pink pieces this winter and it's been my answer to bright winter wear. This pink coat is currently on sale at an affordable price. Try your hand at this look with shades of blush pink or icy lilac. But as someone who is dark skinned, I completely understand wanting to avoid ever looking washed out. Pink has a way of turning people of colour's skin grey and ashy. And yet, I'm the pink girl. Pink coats. Pink hijab. Pink sweater. Pink Makeup. Pink Accessories. So, I started hunting for the perfect pink coat, one that will always catch you eye instead of it being a season's trend piece. So I chanced upon this coat from Via Spiga, saved it, hearted it and left it sitting in my shopping cart for weeks. I even went and tried it on in-store, but left empty handed because I wanted to be extra sure it's the one. I pretty much followed the exact routine until I saw it on-sale on a website for half off. After realizing this was by far my favourite coat that had come out this season, I went for it. 

    So as a long-time wearer of the colour pink, here are quick tips to ensure you look more cool chic than girly cute.
    Go oversized and faux-fur. Combine two trends and go for a pink fluffy coat. Major fashion houses are having a frivolous jaunt with colourful fun fur coats and furry key pieces that immediately inject personality into one's wardrobe. Gucci's pesto-pink fur coat sums up the season: more is indeed more.

    Pair with black and white. The easiest way to dress up pale pink is to stick with solid black and white for a classic, romantic look. Also, quick Public Service Announcement: this tied polka dot scarf serves as a flattering belt to tie the look together.

    Now is the time for height. A fur coat can overwhelm your figure if you stick with flat shoes. Pair with beautiful heels: ankle boots, pumps or sandals.

    Last but not least, a fun faux fur coat will immediately brighten up your complexion on a dark and dreary day. Styled correctly, it can literary change the entire look of your outfit. It will change you to think outside of the box when it comes to styling your winter clothing. It doesn't have to be pink, just have fun when shopping for outerwear this season. 

    Let me know your thoughts on a pink faux fur coat. Would you rock one before the winter season ends? Let me know in the comments below.
    Peace and Love,


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