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    Who else is over having to bundle themselves up with countless thermal layers, a coat, a big scarf that could easily double up as a blanket, a hat and gloves every time you leave the house? * Raising my hand* I'm so over the frostbite and runny nose every morning and lately, I have been getting up, opening my curtains and smiling at the late sunrise. Bring it on, spring season!

    As the weather warms up and spring break approaches, I needed to do a quick 'transitional' haul, pick up a few bits for my adventure and get a new pair of flats because I'd worn a hole into the soles of my old pair. Oh yes, it's a bit of an odd mix, but I filmed the whole thing to show you what pieces I look at for investing and also did a try-on haul when it all arrived. Want  to see it? Well have a scroll to the bottom. Please watch the video below and comment below if you have any other suggestions for any videos you want to see from my Youtube channel. Last but not least, SUBSCRIBE to my channel for three videos a week. My upload schedule is Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Start your weekend mornings with new videos!

    You know I love a shirt. Knitwear is amazing too, but for the spring and summer seasons, tops are where it is. I feel like I've got my all season cashmere down thanks to purchases from APC - the striped top and Chinti & Parker- the navy sweater so instead, I'm focusing my attentions on shirts that have a little something different about them. I love this pink bell sleeve top, it's a gorgeous shirt with a v-shaped cutout that's flattering and since I bought it, I can't stop wearing it. The flared sleeves are practical, so no need to worry about  it brushing over your dinner plate each time you take a bite. Totally works in the real world. I also had a search on Nordstrom and am pretty happy with the next top. This Vince Camuto turtleneck tunic is perfect for light layering and the stretchy pattern ensures that it can be easily tucked into a maxi skirt on cool nights. All in all, I think I found great items to transition to spring.  

    Pink Bell Sleeve Top:

    APC Sweater: SOLD OUT

    Vince Camuto Top:

    Chinti & Parker Sweater:


    I only own black and nude bags and If I'm leaving the house, you can pretty much bet that I'm wearing my classic Chanel Wallet on a Chain (WOC). I love taking it with me because it's simple, with gold hardware and it helps to keep me organized as there isn't a lot of space in the bag. I end up being creative, taking only one lipstick, a card holder, my phone, some mints and the car keys. I've devised this 'essentials' bag and honestly, it's been a life saver. Before, if I was heading to the nearest corner shop, I would take my huge tote bag, and that resulted bad shoulder pain. However, I have been meaning to find a cross-body bag printed bag and found this H&M leopard clutch. It's roomy, has a bit of a 70's vide which makes me feel like a chic grandma! Totally love it.

    Leopard bag:

    Coats with a fun texture such as faux fur are particularly a good find in your wardrobe, if you are like me and your closet sits on the mostly monochrome end of the spectrum *raising my hand.* A fun outerwear piece adds a point of interest, has the ability to jazz up outfits and because pale pink seemed to be the colour of the spring season, I picked up this Via Spiga Coat in faux fur a couple of weeks ago and I lived in it since. You can see me rocking it in these posts here. Bonus, this coat is super warm, there are plenty of layers underneath to keep the chill out.

    Via Spiga Coat:

    I'm a flats kinda gal. I wear them religiously in the spring and summer seasons even when they make my feet hurt. I don't know what it is about them, but I just don't feel like wearing sandals; I prefer my veiny feet to be covered at all times. I think I found a comprise in a ballet flat that should be able to see through to the summer months without my feet hurting. I have bought many ballet flats in my life and I think, investing in a perfect pair of ballet flats is a necessity. Last year, I invested in the Chloe Scalloped Flats in suede nude after I couldn't quite seem to get it out of my hand and have spent many hours online browsing reviews. When I finally received it, I was amazed and wore it all summer long. So this spring, I decided to add the black leather edition to my shoe collection for work. I am excited to start wearing the ballet flats as soon as the snow starts to melt. For now, my work shoe is the Gucci Horsebit-Detailed Leather Loafers and I am still fawning over it, it is my greatest winter purchase of all time, period.

    Chloe Ballet Flats:

    Are you guys excited for the spring season. Let me know your favourite outfits in the comment section below! Have a great Monday!

    Peace and Love,


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    WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! | Healthy, Easy & Simple Recipes

    VIDEO: What I Eat In A Day! 

    Spoiler: I believe you should always eat one huge salad a day.

     In search of a new healthy eating plan? Get some easy cooking inspo from my food diary. In 2017, one of my resolutions was to test new delicious recipes and share with my readers on the blog. I have done What I Eat In A Day posts before, but never in a blog style. Although I am a fashion and beauty blogger, there's nothing that brings me more joy than munching on sweet and savoury snacks, chomping on enormous salads and drinking two litres of water a day. Today,  I decided to record a What I Eat In A Day video and talk about my cooking and meal prep schedule from morning to night. Check out the video on my favourite cooking hacks and go-to meal ideas. I hope my fellow bloggers and lovely readers find this information helpful! Please watch this video and comment below if you have any other questions. SUBSCRIBE to my channel for three videos a week. Thank you in advance.

    I have been meaning to film a 'What I Eat in A Day' video for ages. If you follow me on Snapchat (iamyasminh FYI) then you'll know that I'm always rustling something up in the kitchen and I love to cook/bake/do anything that involves food. I'm always flicking through cookbooks or scouring bookstores for my next recipe to cook for friends and family. I'm essentially turning into my mother, which I am really okay with. Her homemade veggie lasagna dish is off the chain. 
    Of course there are the usual disclaimers that come with this video; such as the fact that this video shows one day out of  a lifetime of meals, so sometimes I eat more more veg/less carbs.more meat/no meat and a sneaky chocolate bar. However, I filmed this on Saturday when I was at home, then I tend to eat pretty healthy-ish  It's when I'm at school or work that I grab a coffee or some protein bars. Everything in moderation and all that. One thing I do try to do though, is meal prep. I tend to have a good couple of hours cooking on a Sunday afternoon to write down a shopping list, buy my kitchen cabinet staples: brown rice; quinoa; fish; black beans and various other staples, cook in large portions and freeze the meals into individual containers. So whenever, I feel like eating out, I can then just dip into the freezer and reheat my meals. For instance here, both my breakfast and lunch were prepped and ready to go, so are great options for transporting into work and eating al desk if you fancy. I find that having an oatmeal and berries meal for breakfast and a large salad for lunch on hand that are quick and easy, makes me full for a long day. I actually enjoy the hour or so in the evening that I spend in there making dinner. I listen to my podcasts and have a great time, dipping into everything and trying new recipes pretending I'm Jamie Oliver. Fun times.

    5:30 A.M. : Start the day with liquids

    Water is always my first priority in the morning. I drink a big glass, then make hot water and lemon. Some mornings I wake up ravenous, others not so much. Today I don’t feel crazy hungry so I drink my first two cups of water while getting ready for my morning prayer, mediating, finishing up my homework and writing my schedule of the day. Afterwards, I set my timer to twenty minutes and share my latest blog post on social media and reply to messages. 

    6:30 A.M. : Oatmeal and berries for breakfast

    Around this time, I start to feel hungry so I head into the kitchen to make breakfast. Lately, I've been loving a combo of cooked steel-cut oats with berries.  Today, I chose to add raspberries  blueberries and blackberries with flaxseed and almond slices as garnish. I prefer to eat it in a big bowl and sometimes, I add peanut butter on top of the oatmeal. It's got that sweet and savoury mix that I love, and plenty of protein to keep me feeling full all morning. Ever since I discovered steel-cut oats, I'm absolutely addicted and don't eat anything else for breakfast on weekdays. For weekends, I opt for Healthy Chai Pancakes. For the full recipe, click here.

    12:30 P.M. : A large quinoa salad for lunch

    I believe in eating one large salad a day, so that's what I'll do for lunch, I normally have a bunch of veggies from my Sunday food shop, so I'm always prepared. Today, I chopped some kale, added some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, cooked 1/2 cup of quinoa and added avocado slices and a homemade salad dressing. I also like keeping basil for garnish on hand. Having these items prepped ahead of time makes it so quick and easy to toss together a healthy, flavourful salad. After lunch, I work on my blog-related tasks and then continue studying or writing assignments. Luckily today, my salad kept me satisfied so I don't turn into a snack monster but for snacks, roasted un-salted almonds always do the trick.

    6:30 P.M. : Roasted salmon and sweet potatoes for dinner

    I don't plan out every dinner for the week, but I do make sure I have all the ingredients on hand for a few, easy meals that take 30 minutes or less. In the winter, I love eating sweet potatoes so tonight, I decided the recipe is roasted salmon and sweet potatoes with a side dish of a kale salad. I'm able to marinate the fish, chuck it in a pan, and whip up the side dish in less than 30 minutes. If you don't prefer fish, I also love making turkey burgers or chicken tacos with an avocado goat cheese sauce. 

    So that's it, I hope you enjoyed reading and watching a 'What I eat in a day,' I enjoyed filming it so much. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Have a great weekend! 

    Peace and Love,

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    OUTFITS /// How to wear the metallic trend, subtly


    Not going to lie, I was freezing this day. I had a puffer jacket and chunky boots I wore on top of this look but took it off for the sake of this outfit post ( I wish I wore heeled ankle boots though- coming later)... what was I thinking? Anyway, I wore this look on a snowy day after coming from an event which was nothing short of amazing, I enjoyed it but forgot to photograph the look for the blog. So, I stopped at a favourite bridge to quickly take some snapshots. For the outfit, I decided to embrace the metallic trend subtly by wearing this thrifted metallic scarf (similar here) as a belt. I loved the rock chic feel of the silk scarf and gravitated to a red hijab and thought a turban will make a nice contrast. I kept some minimalist elements: an oversized white shirt; form fitting black skirt; and classic pumps. I decided to pair this super feminine A-line skirt (like this one) with something a little more boxy top to play with the proportions. This was my most worn jacket this week (besides my puffer), and I have to say I'm digging the long wrap coat look. I finished the look off with a classic smokey eye (watch my smokey eye routine) and a metallic pink lip (watch my sephora haul). I love the flashy touch of metallic they added to my look. 
    Because Fashion has turned it's heels from minimalism to everything over the top, I decided the metallic scarf was in line with my favourite trends lately, including embroidered bombers, tight vinyl pants and embellished Gucci bags. However, as someone who craves classic silhouettes, I tend to veer on the side of caution when it comes to embracing trends too enthusiastically. To be exact, I recently bought into the pastel fur trend and spoiler alert, I'm loving it. 
    So if you are looking for something metallic to pair with a timeless white tee or black blazer, I would recommend the addition of a thrifted silk metallic scarf to keep your look updated without feeling ostentatious. Next solid metallic purchase would probably be space cadet ankle boots from Urban Outfitters, I love the flashy touch of metallic without seeming too space cadet. Paired with your classic button ups and black separates, the overall effect should be "cool" or "street." 
    Do you think you guys will incorporate more metallic into your wardrobe this season? Let me know below! Have a great Wednesday!

    Peace and Love,



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    It's been a while since I have done a Sephora haul on my blog, so this is the first one for 2017. I recently placed an order and popped in-store to see new in-items so I'm fairly certain I won't need to purchase new items any time soon. I am a total sucker on the rewards boutique but I did not find anything interesting so I did not redeem any of my beauty insider points. I want to save them for something really good! Also, this post isn’t sponsored but you guys, I placed my Sephora order via Ebates and got $14 cash back (8.0% cash back) which is pretty amazing! You can check this link to see what offer is running right now. Let’s get into the haul. Please watch the video below and comment below if you have any other suggestions for any videos you want to see from my Youtube channel. Last but not least, SUBSCRIBE to my channel for three videos a week. My upload schedule is Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Start your weekend mornings with new videos! 

    To keep up my rep of being a total beauty junkie I picked up a new mascara last week that I totally didn’t need. On sale at $10  with the makeup remover, it didn’t totally break the bank either, so I compared it with the waterproof version that I currently have and I prefer the waterproof version. The mascara is great for an everyday look but I found that the waterproof version holds a curl better and I better preferred the formula.

    This is the product that prompted me to go for the last minute deal just before checkout. On sale at $10 I was excited to purchase Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I have to say that it will make a nice addition to my miniature skincare set I've been accumulating. I will make sure to do a full review as soon as I dig into the tub. 

    This was a definite repurchase item, I initially bought the primer water last year and it's been in my foundation routine since then. For dry skin, this is a game changer as I find other facial sprays tighten and irritate my skin. Bonus: it doesn't contain silicones, alcohols or oils. If you are looking for a quick fix that will hydrate and prep your skin for all-day makeup wear, this might just be your new best friend.

    This is a new purchase from ULTA Beauty and Gilded Honey is a classic golden powder highlighter. The packaging is very basic but inside, Gilded Honey doesn't disappoint- it can easily worn sheer if you want a hint of gold highlight or it can be intensified when building it up or using it wet. This is definitely one of my favourite purchases from the haul. I couldn't contain myself and wore it in the video and photos!

    My favourite natural, nontoxic makeup for everyday is W3LL People Narcissist Foundation. I've continuously raved about this foundation on the blog so much that you're probably sick of it. But it's amazing, and I love that it's certified natural and organic so I can wear it everyday as a concealer without being worried about continuous exposure to chemicals in most makeup products. I'm just going to go ahead and say it: I like W3LL People's Stick Foundation better than RMS Beauty's "UN" Cover-up. And it has better shade selection for dark skin tones. This is my third purchase and I am so happy that I discovered W3LL People, it's seriously amazing, try a sample or watch here and here for an in-depth review.

    Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is my favourite glam, full coverage foundation and this is an immediate repurchase. I know that I can rely on this foundation to make my skin look flawless day or night. If you are new to the liquid foundation world, I would say go for this one, you won't regret it. It slides onto the skin like silk! And it doesn't irritate my skin (See my tutorial using this foundation). 

    A Sephora haul is not complete without an eyeshadow palette, am I right? I actually was not considering purchasing eyeshadow palettes as I have enough palettes to make multiple looks but when I saw the palette in-store, I was so impressed. Simply put, this palette is all round perfect. I have always been a neutral girl who never strayed too far from my browns, tans, beige's and gold tones. This fits into my comfort zone yet still pushing me far enough to try the darker shades. The shimmer shades though, are some of my favourites and the mattes blend so well. And the smell! A vanilla dream. I reach for this now on a daily basis mainly due to the packaging and the mirror is huge, great for travelling with. Totally worth the splurge! This was an unexpected, yet dope palette and my gamble buy definitely paid off.

    My name is Yasmin and I am horrible at contour. Like, I usually look like a big mess when I try to contour, especially with powder. Cream products I can somehow make work okay, but I've always had a problem with powder. Then to make matters worse, I'm medium dark to dark so finding a good colour that isn't ashy is a nightmare. I kept hearing great things about this product, but was hesitant to but it because of the horrible track record I have with contour powders. When I realized they came out with more shades outside of the original medium, I decided it was time to but the bullet. I'm so happy that I did. One of the best decisions in this haul I've made, the colour match is amazing for my skin tone and the powder is so fine that I could probably even get away with intensifying the contour for nights out. I'm hooked after one application and this will always be in my makeup bag. 

    This is the only product in the Sephora haul that was premeditated for over three years. I have had this product locked in my brain for a long time, and I was excited when my last concealer ran out. There has to be a reason why one tube of these creamy highlighters in a pen is sold every ten seconds across the globe: this stuff is LEGIT. Even with it's awesomeness, I hadn't broke mine out in a while because like any other beauty junkie as I was saving it for the Sephora haul video. SIGH, upon first application, I noticed that it has a sheer coverage, so if you are looking for high coverage, try instead the MAKE UP FOR EVER full coverage concealer. However, because it's sheer, it's perfect as a highlighting concealer, adding light and radiance to the skin. As I suffer with dark circles, I think I will add my regular concealer first and use the highlighting pen to erase the matte texture and brighten the skin underneath my eyes.

    When my favourite powder, the RMS "Un" Powder ran out, I took a chance and decided go with Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. I always feel nervous when testing out new powders as a dark skin gal, because most setting powders are either too white or too yellow in their undertone. I wanted something that is close to my complexion and finely milled so I don't look cakey, instead I want to look dewy-matte, if that oxymoron is even possible. While there are a few powders in the drugstore, NOTHING is as finely milled as this. With one application, I am so impressed by this setting powder and cannot wait to try it with all of my foundations. 

    This product was a holy-grail makeup item repurchase and while I love the product, one disadvantage is that it runs out pretty quick if you are using it everyday. As I have quite thin brows, I primarily use a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas and then use the clear gel to keep the brow hairs and pencil in place throughout the day (watch my eyebrow routine). Altogether, this product is great for setting your eyebrow work that you spend five minutes in the mornings  on and will last all day through rain and snow. I know that I can depend on this gel, unlike others that leave your brow hairs looking crispy and too perfect. The natural finish is just perfect, and I am happy to start using it everyday.

    Last but not least, I want to finish the haul with my favourite lipstick launch from DIOR. The formula of the DIOR Rouge Dior lipsticks are my current obsession after purchasing the iconic classic red lipstick in 999  that Natalie Portman is wearing in the ads. They have surpassed my last favourite, the CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks due to their unique texture and finish. The lipsticks are highly pigmented, buildable full coverage with a satin matte finish that are lightly moisturizing and easy to wear. These do dry down but not to a fully matte finish a la Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. It has a touch of luminosity that I personally prefer and these are genuinely lightly moisturizing, which is so rare in matte formulas. The colour range is modern and fun and I especially love Rendezvous, a nude with a hint of plum, perfect as "my lips but better" lipstick. Ambitious Matte is a cool brown red, an on-trend lipstick that's perfect for the winter. I wait to wear it with an all-nude makeup look during the winter season.

     Peace and Love,


    Let me your thoughts on my Sephora and ULTA haul. Did I haul any of your favourite products? Comment below and let's begin a conversation


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