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    OUTFITS /// Cool tones for Winter

    Dark Girls: I'm making a case for every shade of blue

    Take one cursory glance at my style page and it's evident I'm somewhat a slave to warmer tones, with the occasional grey thrown in. Yet, despite my warmer tone inclinations, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that for winter style, pastels and cooler toned shades, especially shades of blue are more sartorially satisfying than reaching for my oversized khaki jacket or my favourite tan coat - which I intentionally bought a few sizes too big to fuel my warmer look addiction. 

    The ultimate tan pieces appeal to people during winter because not only will it help you warm to the idea of winter, but warmer tones radiate earthiness and reminds you of your favourite summer sandy destinations. However, one can only stomach wearing warmer tones for so long, I decided to embark on embracing cooler tones but very serious, about the tones not making my skin look grey. A tip here is to wear warmer versions of cool colours, like olive, moss, royal blue, and and violet grey. For neutrals, I vintage shopped various taupe, mushroom grey and cappuccino shades. 

     For the outfit look, I started off with a key winter top, the cashmere sweater. Chinti and Parker makes an entry-level, high-quality cashmere sweater. Acne is the king of cool, oversized basic shirts. And this Theory mushroom grey pleated skirt is currently getting some serious mileage on my end. Finished the look off with my fail-safe Gianvito Rossi heels and quickly rummaged through my hijab closet and pulled out this vintage bluish-grey scarf

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