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    Spoiler: It's all about proportional silhouettes...

    If there's one thing Canadians know know how to do when it's freezing outside, it's layer! Layer, layer, layer! I’m a beach girl at heart, so layering isn’t something that has always come naturally for me. It’s taken many winter seasons in Alberta to truly understand how to layer with style. Yes, I’ve taken my cue from the native Albertans – they just make it look so easy!  Whether it's pairing a silk camisole with a cashmere sweater and wool coat or rotating cozy accessories like a pashmina scarf and cozy mittens, the combination of possibilities are limitless. So what’s the key to mastering this look so effortlessly and effectively?  It’s actually fairly simple!

    Here are 5 tips and tricks that I have found to be super helpful in putting together my winter wardrobe for a cohesive look. Whether you are a fan of comfortable basics, or a well-crafted proportional look, read on to see how you can improve winter layering.


    4. Keep It Light

    Rocking a below the knee cashmere coat is easy if you wear the right textures underneath. Silky blouses are lightweight and great for layering up - you can add a jacket on top and still keep a sleek shape. I am not particularly a fan of a heavy, puffy coat, they tend to get cumbersome and restrict your movement. With a wool or cashmere coat, buy a size bigger so you can layer a fur or bomber jacket.

    5. Long Sleeves Under Short Sleeves

    Don't retire your favourite blouse or summer dress just because the weather is chilly. Throw it over a long sleeve top, mine is a black suede shirt, for a totally unexpected look. Bonus points if your sleeves sport fashion-y details such as velvet, sued or a lace design.

    BONUS: Belt It
    Your flawless shape can easily get lost in a heavy winter coat, so throw on a belt to emphasize your waist without freezing your but off. I love wrap coats because it emphasizes your the most narrow part of our body, your waist. Cinch that waist and you'll instantly feel more sexier.


    Let's get layering this winter season! I hope you were inspired to pull together some of your favourite looks this winter and experiment layering with style. I've linked some of my favourite pieces you can mix and watch below! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Have a great day!


    Cashmere coat: Max Mara, similar, similar
    Suede blouse: Anine Bing, similar
    Fur gilet: H &M, similar, similar
    Taupe Skirt: I Love Modesty
    Leopard clutch: H&M
    Cream Scarf: Le Chateausimilar
    Moto Boots: Zara, similar

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