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    Today I'm showing you my Winter Morning Routine! Watch as I Get Ready. I am including a skincare routine, makeup tutorial and an outfit of the day.

    Please watch the video and then read the blog to see all of the products I used. Do not forgot to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel!

    I usually wake up at 6:00am, depending on the schedule for my morning prayer.  A tip to wake up early in the morning is to make sure you try to get seven hours of sleep a night. If I am feeling tired, no one can wake me up in the morning! After completing my morning prayer, I listen to five minutes of news on my computer, my favourite radio program is NPR/ WYNC in the morning. I'm a complete news junkie but I try not to read it on my phone because it leads me to check my email, which forces me to get distracted and lose my whole morning. Next, I move onto mediation. I give myself twenty minutes to mediate, breathe in and out and write some sentences in my gratitude journal. If I remembered to write some sentences the night before, I will re-read the statements to put me in a positive mood. During Fall/ Winter, I do not plan to go for a morning run so I will lay out my clothes of the day on my bed and march straight into the washroom.

    The first thing I do in the washroom is take a quick, warm shower and brush my teeth. Then I start my morning skincare routine by pulling out my Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser from the cabinet and massaging it on my damp face. I have been using this face cleanser for two years and it's perfect for people with dry, sensitive skin. The cleanser has no harsh ingredients, is scent-free and is devoid of any physical exfoliation particles. I normally use this cleanser twice a day and it never leaves my skin tight and dry. 

     Next, I use my Klorane Eye Patches today because my eye region looked like it needed additional moisture. I suffer from dark circles, unfortunately and this eye mask has been helping me avoid puffiness and redness around my eyes. I left one individual packet in the fridge last night so it was super cold. I leave the mask around my eye region for 20 minutes and trust me, these eye patches really reduce the puffiness around your eyes. If you suffer from dark circle like myself, grab yourself some eye masks.

    Finally, for my day cream, I am using my Eucerin Daily Moisturizer which is a cult product for individuals with dry, dehydrated skin. In the Canadian winters, nothing protects me better than this moisturizer. It deeply penetrates my skin and leaves my skin looking radiant and glowy all day. 
    Bonus: this is a drugstore product, so I stock up on this during the winter season.

    Okay, now for my quick everyday makeup look. I start by using my W3LL People Foundation Stick in Shade 7. Of all of my foundations, (let me know if you want a review) this stick foundation is easy, quick and blends in no time. I literally spread it all over my face and then use a buffing brush to blend the foundation to my natural skin tone. As you can see in the video, this foundation is a life saver, it really provides a natural, radiant complexion with enough coverage to hide my imperfections aka, my acne scars. Looks so luminous and gorgeous!

    Then I use my Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer to bring some life back to my face. The foundation creates one tone to your face, which is unnatural and just plain weird. This bronzer is so buttery and delivers the JLO-esque glow that I am aiming for. I hope you can notice the difference instantly when one adds bronzer. I wear bronzer everyday even on no-makeup  days because it instantly brightens your complexion.

    Next, I concealed my dark circles using MAKE UP FOR EVER full coverage concealer in shade 14. I have had this concealer for months, it's just so good, really brightening and has amazing coverage. It never looks cakey under the eyes. During the tutorial, I used dense concealer brush to quickly blend it in by dapping the skin, not dragging. It is really important to be gentle under your eye region as it's the most sensitive part of your face.

    Then, I used my favourite blush, Bobbi Brown Powder blush in Apricot. Bobbi Brown makes the most amazing powder blushes in my opinion, and this particular one is a pretty, bright pink that is so flattering on all skin tones. I always go heavy with my blushes as it suits my face shape, so I pile the blush on. Trust me, in winter when everyone looks grey, a little colour will do you well.

    Even in a hurry, I will highlight my face and Hourglass have really nailed it with their subtle highlighters. I used my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light which is a rose-gold bar in a box. This highlighter is perfect for the winter, it only adds a glow from within, so glitter or shimmer. Try it out in person and you won't be disappointed.

    For eyebrows, I am using my favourite palette, the Suqqu Eyebrow Palette in Moss Green with the Anastasia #12 brush. For this look, I opted to use powder for my eyebrows as it looks the most natural and takes the least amount of time. I first combed my eyebrows up and deposited enough powder to fill in the gaps around my eyes. I was not trying to be precise, effect before perfection, is the mantra for my brows.

    Next, I curled my lashes using Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. Then I used my Lancome Eyeshadow Palette in Petal Pusher for a gold shimmery shade. I wanted to use a gold, shimmery shade  across my lids and to limit the amount of products I am using, I used my bronzer as a crease shade. Yes, bronzer can be used as eyeshadow and I have to say, I am loving this combination. To finish off the eye region, I used L'OREAL telescopic waterproof mascara which is my favourite drugstore mascara. This mascara in my humble opinion, is the best drugstore mascara on the market,  it even rivals my Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara. It lengthens, volumes and separates my lashes at the same time and it's a true-black. I dislike mascaras that are not blackest-black but this is a gem of a mascara.

    Last, but not least, I am using MAKE UP FOR EVER lip liner in shade 9C. If you read this blog, you know this lip liner is my "lips but better" shade, and I like to apply lip liner before any lip product. Once you line your lips, you can see the exact shape of your lips and then, sculpt to your preference. Then, I am using my YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Smoking Plum for a glossy finish.

    And this is my finished makeup look. For my outfit, I went with a olive-green hijab, a striped cashmere sweater, a maxi skirt and my favourite Isabel Marant boots. For a full ootd, check out the video above. It's perfect for an everyday school or work look.

    Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Hope you have a good week.

    Peace and Love,


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