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    Spoiler: I have rounded up 10 of the very best ingredients for our skin that are found your kitchen!

    For every skin ailment, there seems to be a plethora of beauty products promising to fix the problem. And while we’re all for a fantastic power product, chances are, the price tag on such products can be rather costly. Not to mention that so many of these superstar products are formulated with ingredients that aren’t exactly healthy for our skin or our system.
     In today's video, I am discussing 10 beauty hacks straight from your kitchen! Please watch the video below and Subscribe to my channel for three videos a week. 

    That's why we're taking our complexion concerns to the kitchen where fruits, vegetables, oil and various other cooking accoutrements reside. We've rounded up 10 of the best beauty hacks straight from your kitchen (if not, they are easily accessible at your local supermarket). While proving to be more cost-effective, these 10 all-natural ingredients are also extremely potent and able to work their magic on your most pressing skin issue. So get rummaging through your cupboards and whip up a few of these wondrous DIY masks, exfoliators, lotions and potions.

    1. Aspirin tablet with Vitamin C - Known for it's ability to alleviate pain, I primarily use crushed aspirin tablet for reducing acne pimples and scars. If you are struggling with dull, blemish-prone skin, whip up an aspirin mask or use it as a spot treatment mask. The effective ingredient, salicylic acid help to exfoliate skin for more clearer, softer skin.

    2. Coffee – Coffee is a fantastic natural exfoliator. Combine with water to create a paste and slough onto your body, or add yogurt to the coffee and make a mask that both brightens and heals; this works especially well on sunburned skin.
    3. Lemon – Known for its powerful lightening, tightening, and brightening properties, lemon juice is a natural source of vitamin C used to even out skin tone, tighten pores, and lighten sun and age spots. While pure lemon juice is rather potent on its own, you can create a simple toner by adding double the amount of fresh water to the juice. Pour onto a cotton pad and swipe onto affected areas – acne scars, sun spots, blackheads – up to three times a day.
    4. Coconut Oil – With its countless beauty uses – face cleanser, moisturizer, hair mask, shaving cream –  coconut oil is something you should definitely keep in your bathroom, not your kitchen. My favourite way to use it is for hair: Apply to dry hair, massage in, remove with co-wash shampoo the next day. It adds intense moisture as my favourite, making your hair shine.
    6. Honey – It makes a perfectly effective mask all on its own as honey hydrates, repairs, and aids in controlling breakouts (thanks to its antibacterial properties). Or add sugar to create a simple and effective DIY lip scrub!
    7. Potatoes – Potatoes are an amazing all-natural skin brightener that will leave skin incredibly soft and ethereally glowing. Potatoes are natural skin lighteners and  works very simply. Apply to your knuckles, ankles, underarms and dark circles and gently pat for 5 to 10 minutes every morning. You will notice a difference within four weeks of continuous use.

    8. Turmeric – A wonder spice ideal for both anti-aging and acne woes, not to mention its ability to help hyperpigmentation and scarring. To combat aging, create a paste of wheat or rice flour, turmeric, and yogurt; apply to skin until dry. Gently scrub off to increase exfoliation benefits. For acneic skin, create a scrub using turmeric, the juice of a lemon, and yogurt. Apply to skin and let it dry for about 10 to 15 minutes; rinse off. To minimize acne scars, make a simple paste of turmeric and water and dab onto the scar; rinse off after 15 to 20 minutes.

    9. Apple Cider Vinegar – Choose raw, unpasteurized, and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) that contains the “mother,” that stringy stuff at the bottom of the bottle. This is where the enzymes, healthy bacteria, and minerals reside. ACV is a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), so it’s ideal for  problem skin, sun and age spots, and scarring. Create a toner by mixing four parts water to one part ACV. Apply to a cotton pad and sweep over your face morning and night, post-cleansing.
    10. Olive Oil – Packed with antioxidants and vitamin E, olive oil soothes and heals cracked skin – from cuticles to elbows. But because its chemical composition is so similar to that of skin’s natural oil, olive oil is an ideal moisturizer for drier skin types. Add a dollop to the face post-wash and… voila!… beautifully, soft skin by morning. Or, add some granulated sugar to create a paste, and you’ve got yourself an ultra-hydrating body scrub. 

    Let me know your thoughts about using beauty hacks straight from your kitchen. I would love to know your own beauty secrets! Let's share it below in the comments.

    Peace and Love,


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