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    If you want to start a blog, get professional with Instagram or simply spice up your feed a little bit: pictures are they key. Appealing pictures that reflect who you are and what you are all about will catch people’s attention and will keep them wanting to see more. Since I always get so many questions about how I take and edit my pictures, I thought I would dedicate this video to the topic.

    How I take my photos?

    I like using my Canon camera with a 50 mm lens  for blogposts, however I also use my Iphone 6 for a lot of my Instagram pictures. Sometimes with the light and picture setup, the images just turn out better on the Iphone. Also, people don’t always want to see “perfect” camera images on your Instagram feed. I have found that cool mirror picture oftentimes get way more likes than a set up modelling shot. Experiment and find which types of photos work for your personality. I prefer posting flatlays for beauty posts, outfit pics for style posts  and up-close photos for makeup looks.

    How do I edit my pictures?

    Now that you have got the perfect shot, the only thing that is missing is a good edit. Editing your pictures helps to give them a personal touch. For my Instagram pictures I swear on the following Apps: Afterlight, Facetune and Lightroom
    For editing my blog images I have purchased the editing software lightroom (here) which is a lot easier to grasp than photoshop. I continuously keep watching Youtube Tutorials to improve my editing skills. For most of my pictures I simply retouch pimples, change the exposure and just generally play around with the settings a little bit. I don’t put to much time into editing pictures on lightroom, since I try to make the picture look good in the first place so that not a lot of editing is necessary.
    So this is it: all of my picure & editing tips. When I started blogging I would have loved for someone to give me these insights to help me out a little bit. I hope you find them helpful and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask them in the comments! 

    Peace and Love,


    I AM Yasmin is a Canadian lifestyle blog written by Yasmin, a writer, photographer, and blogger. Yasmin established I AM YASMIN in 2016 during her final year studying at University. The blog covers her Lifestyle, along with many other categories including Fashion, Beauty, Food and Travel and regularly posts on her blog.

    With a childhood growing up in Kenya, her everyday style has stemmed from her love of the  casual chic way of dressing. With a love for premium fashion and beauty, she hopes to inspire her readers, along with showing them you can get the simplistic everyday chic look for less. Check out her latest videos over on her Youtube Channel, or head over to the home page to catch up on her newest blog posts, or find her on InstagramTwitter, and Snapchat as iamyasminh.

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