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    DIY BEAUTY /// Can Elmer’s Glue Really Get Rid Of Blackheads?

    Biore strips are synonymous with removing blackheads and as an avid beauty addict, I watched countless ads of models using the strips that resembled cacti and ending up with radiant faces that were smooth and supple. I bought those strips as a teenager, even as my parents rolled their eyes and said that a stick of tape would do the same (and be just as useless). They were right. [Sidebar: Some people swear by these things; I have never found them to do anything but draw up moisture and otherwise very normal top-layer skin stuff].
    So, I wondered, was this any different? Can Elmer’s glue really get rid of blackheads? I decided to find out and spoiler alert: I am a discipline! where is the alter?
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    In summary, Elmer’s glue did actually remove more blackheads from my face than the traditional Biore strips.  I was amazed at the result, it felt like all the tightening I felt when the glue was drying and the eventual effort of removing the glue lead to such amazing results! Furthermore, the DIY treatment was an appealing exercise in minor neurosis, as it was so fun to take off. On the other hand, if you have sensitive, low threshold of pain skin, I recommend patch testing the glue to see if you can tolerate the pain it takes to peel the glue off your nose region. 
    With that in mind, I highly, highly recommend  this moisturizing mask which is an absolutely fantastic follow-up to your skin if it feels tight and blotchy. It is full of face-friendly ingredients including lemon, turmeric and Manuka honey which will make your skin look dewy and radiant.
    So, this was an amazing experiment and I could not have easily guessed how it was going to pan out. That being said, I AM YASMIN is always happy to try diy beauty treatments so you don’t have to. Please comment below for ideas that I can try for next week. Until next time!

    Peace and Love,

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