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     Happy Tuesday! Welcome back to my blog for a quick beauty Tuesday post on how to fix puffy, tired eyes. First, check out my Youtube video below for a demonstration on how to apply the Klorane Eye Patches as well as generally view my Winter Morning Routine. While you are watching, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications whenever I upload a new video.

    I think the three worst words in the english language might be, "you look tired." Now there are a few ways to deal with it, you can go back to bed (which is not really an option), put on under-eye concealer (do-able but not ideal), or you can apply Klorane eye patches for 20 minutes. They instantly de-puff  hydrate, reduce dark circles and generally makes you look more awake. I don't know a single woman who gets enough sleep! Between going out, work and everything I have going on, I feel like I am always a few hours behind, so eyes are the first to show signs of fatigue. I placed these patches daily and it's as if I got a full night's rest. It's almost like putting an ice cubes every morning but even more enjoyable.

    The eye patches contain cornflower extract, which helps to soothe and smoothen the skin. It also contains Arnica and Chamomile which helps to de-buff and brighten the sensitive skin around the eyes. The combination of these ingredients helps to diminish wrinkles and fine lines by tightening the skin.  To apply, just open the packet, peel the two patches off and the narrow part of the mask goes inside of the eye,the wider part on the outer corner. The package comes with seven sets of sachets which means one deputing session costs less than a cup of coffee.

    Here is the best part! It works instantaneously. With a lot of products, you have to wait for weeks or even a few months to see results, but not with these. So unless you're one of those women who gets enough sleep every night and never hears the saying ,"you look tired" (who are you, do you even exist), you should probably keep these  packets close by during your morning routine. Check out my Youtube video above for a demonstration on how to apply the Klorane Eye Patches. While you are watching make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for notifications whenever I upload a new video.

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