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    A perfectly edited shoe closet can set you free. You will need less, and buy better. These are my shoe style essentials, my forever classics on which I build my shoe closet from every season. It’s true that a girl can never have too many shoes. I also agree with this and although that may be the case, not everyone has the budget (or closet space) to own every pair in trend each season. 

    So if you’re looking to make a major shoe investment, here’s an easy guide to help you out. If you adhere to this foolproof list, I promise that you’ll always have a pair you need for any outfit. Keep reading to find out the classic shoes every fashionable women should have in her closet.

    A basic black pump in suede or leather is the ultimate go-to, they pull together any outfit and add instant sophistication. A perfect pointy pump makes everything better - and I'm not just talking about outfits! These Gianvito Rossi's are my go-to pair (sexy and comfortable), but my goal is to have them in every shade one day. In my opinion, I believe that you need to invest in your signature black pumps so I tend to go for designer. Gianvito Rossi makes the most comfortable shoes on the market and I am partial to the suede 85 mm pump. Check out my review of the pumps here.


    Similar to the little black pumps, nude heels are a no-brainer. A great versatile pair that can be worn during the day and night is what I aim for. For my nude heels, I went with the two toned slingback pumps from Chanel in the classic black and beige colouring. The slingback shoes were praised by Coco Chanel herself as the "last point of elegance" and Karl Lagerfeld has brought back the shoes for autumn and winter, as the only shoes one can wear during the day and evening. Check out my full review of the Chanel Slingback heels in this post.

    3. Ankle boots

    The perfect pair of shoes can add a little edge in your look. You can never go wrong with black leather chelsea boots for Fall/ Winter; however, a nice pair of nude boots will last you all seasons. These particular pair are Isabel Marant Dicker boots that have been on my wish list for years now but last year, I finally decided to buy them. And I have to say, they live up to the hype: the ankle boots are comfortable and versatile. They work well with both jeans and skirts. Similar boot styles are from Sam Edelman, I have been wearing their boots for years and these are also very comfortable.

    4.  Black Sandals

    This sandal is the best for spring, summer and early fall. it is meant to be as minimal as possible with just a strap or two to keep your foot in place. It helps to elongate your legs, show off a pedicure but doesn't compete with the rest of your look. I adore these sandals because they are comfortable, stylish and minimal. They are perfect for fancy events and for everyday, grab yourself a pair with a heel you can comfortably walk in. I recommend three inches and above.

    5. loafers

    Loafers will never let you down. Whether it is hitting the supermarket or hitting the town in a tuxedo, a woman cannot do without a pair of these. As a fashion girl, I prefer wearing loafers to sneakers as loafers can be both stylish and comfortable. They become my go-to work during fall/ winter and you can wear anything with a pair of loafers: print dresses; monochrome; evening dress; joggers. The possibilities are endless and don't worry about your look, you'll look fabulous no matter what. These particular pair are the classic Gucci loafers, an investment that suits any woman from every age bracket. Similar loafers include theseand these.


    What are your shoe essentials?
    What do you think? What pair of shoes do you wear the most? How do you style them? Let's start a conversation in the comments below!

    Peace and Love,


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