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    Oh, so you thought the rant finished in just one video? PAH. Think again my friends. In case you're wondering what this post is all about, then you'll definitely need to catch up with my previous video. I'll give you some time to catch up before I continue...

    Sorted? Awesome

    I recently upgraded my iPhone 5s and I am super excited to try out the iPhone 6S. After patiently waiting for my phone’s upgrade time, I went ahead, ordered and was so pleased to receive my new phone – especially in Silver!
    After quickly charging the phone, I started downloading my usual apps and even discovered a few new ones too.


    INSTAGRAM is my go-to app for posting photos of my day. It’s super quick and easy to alter the brightness, contrast, saturation etc. on any photo. Especially on the go. There’s pretty awesome filters too.


    Ok, I’m pretty new to the world of Snapchat. Catch me over at ‘iamyasminh’. But, I’ve been wanting to use Snapchat for so long. But, after downloading the app and deleting it on a few occasions, I came to the realisation that I didn’t have a clue how to work it. My brother kindly talked me through the ins and outs recently. And, I am now addicted.


    I organise my whole life with writing lists upon lists. So, this is a dream come true for an avid list-maker like me! I have a few note apps on my phone, but notes is still my favourite. I can quickly note down something I need to do or action. You can even add a time or deadline day. This then syncs up my iMac and the satisying sound it makes when you tick off an item is the best thing ever!


    Quran Explorer app seems to be getting better and better. It's available to download on all smartphone devices and personally speaking, it is the perfect quran app on the market. I primarily use it for daily recitation whenever I have a fifteen minute break.
    Remember, what is done in love is done well.


     I find Bloglovin‘ so easy to operate. My primary use is to follow my favourite blogs for daily inspiration. And, I love being able to quickly scroll down my feed, being able to see all the new posts in one place. You can keep up to date with my blog on Bloglovin‘ too.

    Although, I have the usual social media apps and podcasts I am currently obsessing over (Hello, Pardon My French!). I typically only have my few islamic apps and keep the rest of my homescreen free. Youtube is SO good on my new phone, as I now have a much larger screen to watch videos on. I can now properly view videos without having to prop it up right at my face.

    What are your favourite go-to apps? Let me know in the comment section below!

    Peace and Love,


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