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    The #1 Reason Most People Don't Wear Colour

    Colour is awesome. That seems like an incredibly silly sentence when you type it out but let’s hope you get where I’m going with this: color is a great form of self-expression. But the thing about color is that it can get a bit complicated when you’re, say, uninspired and trying to look chic. 

     So if you’re like me (read: crabby, covered and relatively exhausted even before you get out of bed in the morning) then you reach for all things black & white, but don't do it. Try to put on an outfit that has at least three distinct colours. Visually, when one wears an outfit with three different colours that complement each other, it looks like you put lot's of effort into your look.


    Jacket: Laura, (similar)
    Shirt: Zara
    Skirt: Local Boutique, (similar)
    Clutch: Forever 21
    Bag Charm: ETSY

     On this particular morning, I  put my foot down and refused to put on any black and white look, as I often do. I went deep into my wardrobe and found a cream jacket from Laura. It is a cropped, wool jacket that I have had for years but often find it difficult to pair with other items. Ah-ah, I had the revelation of treating my look like a fine piece of architecture. I thought to myself, "cool palette, cream with a shimmery taupe hijab and a cool dark brown skirt." I put the outfit on and it was magical. I loved it and immediately called on my friend to take some pictures of the look for my blog. I found this nouveau, green glass building on campus that was a gorgeous backdrop with my outfit of the day.

     So long story short, as fashion bloggers, embrace colour and ditch the all-black look for fall/ winter. Let me know what you guys think of this post in the comment section below!

    Peace and Love,

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