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    SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is a deeply intensive, moisture-boosting mask enriched with Pitera. It deeply hydrates the skin, just like a facial, leaving the skin more radiant and crystal clear. The mask is a cotton fabric that can be used by people of all skin types, particularly those with concerns about dryness and rough skin texture. 

    Originating in Japan the mask is commonly used by Japanese brides everyday for a week leading up to their messing so that their skin is in a glowing, radiant condition on the big day. I've wanted to try a SK-II Facial Treatment Mask for a while but I was put off by the price. It is very steep but I kept on hearing rave reviews about this product. I did tons of research and finally bit the bullet and purchased 10 sachets of the masks two years ago. I thought to myself, my face is super dry and the heat in the office is blasting, so why not treat myself.

    I decided to break one of the sachets out last Saturday and film it for you guys. Basically, this is a thick paper mask coated in a gel-like liquid. The liquid is their secret ingredient called Pitera which is a combination of vitamins. Also, the liquid feels very comfortable on my face and it doesn't dry it out leaving your face dry and brittle. 

    Here are some questions I had and the answers to them:

    Why aren’t the instructions on the box or the packaging? 

      I don’t know and I was annoyed by this.  I was all set up in the bathroom, ready to apply the mask and I had to get my iPad and Google the instructions.  I wound up finding the information on their website but I was irritated that I had to do that research.  Once I found them though, the instructions were pretty much self-explanatory.  Unpeel it and put it on your face for about twenty minutes.  Afterwards, peel off the mask and wipe off any excess liquid.  Do not rinse.

     How long do I leave it on and when should I use it? 

     I left mine on for about a half hour. Another tip is to use it when you are not alone in the house or you will scare the postman and the delivery man.

    Was it worth it? 

      I would have to say yes.  I think it made a tremendous difference in my skin.  Prior to using this, my face was flaky (especially around my nose) and afterwards my skin was soft and smooth.  It stayed that way for about two days and made applying makeup much easier. The only downside was the price but in my online research I found other bloggers that re-used their masks.  So, I followed their example and got another use out of it!  When I put the mask on I saved the packaging and the extra liquid inside.  Then, when I was done with the treatment, I re-folded the mask, carefully put it back in the package with the residual liquid and taped it shut.  I stored it in my fridge until I was ready to use it again (two days later).  I added a tiny bit of water at that time and and squished it around.  I applied it the same as I had the first time and it worked just as well.  Now, I thought $90 for six masks was expensive but I can deal with $90 for twelve uses!  I will definitely use the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask again and highly recommend it. 

    Any Cons to this product?

    Yes and I will be honest and say that this product is hard to get in Canada. SK-II please restock in Sephora Canada again because I really struggle to find this product without any high shipping and handling fees. Recently, I bought 10 packets of the mask at Sephora US and got it shipped to my address through a online shipping company. However, I did find a distributer selling the masks on amazon so I will link it below.


    Let me give you guys a hint to save money on these masks. I normally purchase 10 sachets from Sephora US during the bi-annual VIB SALE and they last me six months. Also, I re-use the masks to get the most of the Pitera essence. So, when I open an individual sachet and place it on my face for the first time, I save the packaging and the extra liquid inside. After I am done with the treatment, I re-fold the mask, carefully put it back in the package with the residual liquid and tape it shut. Then I store it in my fridge until next week. This process works for me and I will definitely re-purchase the SK-II  Treatment Masks again and I highly recommend it.

    Let me what you guys think about face masks in the comment section below!

    Peace and Love,


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