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    Let me tell you, waking up with a full set of black curled lashes is a LIFE CHANGING for anyone! Eyelashes make the biggest difference, and my eyes disappear without them. Now I feel like I’m 80% ready for the day before I even start putting my makeup on. 

    Ok, onto the tutorial…make sure you read all my notes at the bottom of the post as well. I talk all about how to care for and remove your lashes.

    My Youtube video shows how to best apply individual eyelashes, so just follow the tutorial for a more in-depth tutorial.

    Going to the salon every two weeks for eyelash extensions is so time consuming. When I do it at home, I do it once a week (sometimes every 2nd week if Im lazy) and it takes me 30 min for the whole process. Sure, I’ve been doing this for six months now so I’m used to it, but it’s not as hard as you think to learn how to apply individual lashes on yourself – and make them last for 1-2 weeks!

     Give yourself some patience and time to practice (and fail a few times) and you will notice how this beauty hack will save you time and money.
    My advice is to apply them one by one next to each other in two layers. First you apply one layer and after the second layer on top of the first to get some more thickness and get an even results with no gaps. If you want a very natural result, then 1 layer is enough.


    • The starter kit is by Ardell and you can get it here. It includes the lash glue, lash remover, tweesers, and short, medium, and long lashes. 
    • I also recommend grabbing at least 1 refill of the  medium lashes. (I don’t use the long lashes, they are just too fake long for me). 
    • Also, a mascara wand will help you maintain your lashes. 
    • I recently purchased this black Quo eyelash extension glue, and I love it! The glue dries black, not clear, so it is much less noticeable, and gives more of an eyeliner look along your lash line. 

                                      BEFORE / AFTER                                                                                                                                               


    1. Don’t rub your eyes, when removing eye makeup, slowly massage your eyelid to remove eye shadow and use a Q-tip when removing eyeliner.
    2. Don’t sleep on your face. I try hard not to touch them or smash the lashes on my pillow when I sleep at night.
    3. Don’t towel dry your eyes (let your eyes air dry after you shower/wash your face. Let the lashes air dry after taking a shower.
    4. Once the lashes are applied, don't add any mascara or eye makeup for a few hours to make sure that the lashes set completely.
    5. When the lashes start to get tangled, use a clean mascara wand/ eyebrow spool to gently brush them out, curling the wand toward you. Make sure you only do this on top of your lashes.

    Practice makes perfection!

    Honestly, don’t expect having salon looking lashes on your first try. You won’t most probably! But after some rounds of practice you will and it will really be worth it. So start practicing and learning the technique, it’s easy and anyone can do it! Any questions? Just ask me :)

    When I wash my face at night, I remove my makeup with a Q-tip. Don’t use a cotton ball because the fibers will get stuck in your lashes. I don’t always wear eyeliner along the top of my lashes, but when I do, its a liquid liner, and I remove it with a Q-tip. Also, make sure to use an oil free eye-makeup remover. As for washing the rest of my face, I just am careful not to scrub my lashes, and clean around them. 
    I never ever go to bed without taking off my makeup. Especially my eye makeup. If I sleep with it on it irritates my eyes. For the first few days of wearing the lashes, I noticed that it irritated my eyes a bit in the morning. I am just careful to remove as much of my eye makeup as possible and I haven’t had a problem with the irritation since then. 

    *Let me know if you have any questions! I’d be happy to answer any questions I didn't already cover!

    Peace and Love,


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