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    So, yeah… I purchased a CHANEL bag. Something that I never thought would happen, but I’ve dreamt about since I was young. My first designer handbag was a gucci bag while I was in junior high and I wore that bag to death. However, I always had my eye on a Chanel bag and when I completed a milestone in my life and I was in an actual Chanel store, (wow, never though I would say that), I decided to take the plunge.

    I knew that if I was going to take the plunge I wanted it to be something classic; a black bag with gold hardware that I could wear everyday. So when I saw the Wallet On a Chain in black with grained calfskin (apparently the hardier of the fabrics you can get it in) with gold metal and a burgundy lining, it was love at first sight.  It hung over the shoulder at the perfect length, could be worn across the body and doubles up as a clutch if you tuck the chain inside. An awesome little multi-tasker if I do say so myself. It was also surprisingly roomy enough for my everyday essentials which I have emptied in the video below!

    I find it bizarre that it's called a wallet because inside is a maze of pockets and slots and card holders. When you open the flap (which contains a pocket itself that stretches down the back of the bag), there’s a smaller pouch on the front, followed by a zipped pocket which I tend to put my coins  then another pouch that’s great for cash. The bulk of the bag is where I throw most things and then there are six card slots at the back. I can easily fit my phone, keys, a lipbalm and any other knick knacks I need like tissues or headphones.

    So far, so good with my WOC and like I’d hoped It's firmly attached to me at all times. I take it everywhere; from work to the grocery store where I’ve secretly got my sweatpants on under my dress (abaya) to trips up to fancy places where I actually have to wear proper clothes under my coat. There are no scratches, have been no spillages even though I treat it like my other bags. 
    Basically I apologise now that this bag will feature heavily in most of my OOTD’s for years to come.
    Peace and love,
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