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    New Ways to Tie Your Scarf This Autumn

    I love the sartorial power of accessories such as the (blow in the wind fabulous) print scarf, But if you think the only way to wear this piece is by draping it around your neck, we'll here to show you different ways to try this fall. 

    Style Tips: Fold your scarf in half and tightly (but not too tightly) wrap your scarf in a circle shape for a choker-life effect. 

    If you wear a hijab, knot your scarf once on the side of your neck and let one side drape over your front and the other over your back.

    Have you ever seen me wear red? I don’t think so, and if you have, it will be in the smallest and infrequent amounts like a red lip. It’s a shade I often steer clear from, as I find it can sometimes clash with my brown skin. The cherry tones are definitely my favourites, especially when it comes to lipstick choices. The more warm and blue toned the red, the more it is up my street. And with ‘Aurora Red’ being the Pantone red shade of choice this season, it seems that a lot of retailers have taken the hint. And alongside this stunning scarf in a pretty chiffon fabric and tropical print, they are a wonderful Autumnal piece that can be dressed up for the Winter!

    The outfit was more than perfect for the setting I was in, spending an afternoon outdoors in downtown Edmonton without a coat or boots. Trust and believe, this is a rare occurrence in Alberta. This time last year, the weather was  probably 2 inches of snow and icy roads. In celebration, I thought to add more colour and print to my outfit to be thankful to Mother Nature.
    Yet, for Autumn and Winter, the print scarf couldn't be more on trend. In such a sophisticated style, the high neck shirt with long sleeves counteract the shorter length of the vest, which I always find more flattering than baring all. The fabric is a soft mix of cashmere, cut in a form-fitting style to hug you in all of the right places. However, it wasn't overly tight or uncomfortable, fitting snug but not restricting.

    Alongside the accessories, in classic black, the colours in the shirt and scarf were accentuated and enhanced. The heels are my absolute favourite though in a soft leather that tie at the ankles and criss delicately over the toes. So flattering and sexy on the feet, in a gorgeous glossy black tone that can be worn throughout the autumn season. Crossing my fingers that snowfall is not too heavy during the winter season.




    Print Scarf: Vintage, similar, similar

    Vestsimilarsimilar, similar

    Sweater: Joe Fresh in-store,  similar

    Skirt: Local boutique, similar

    Bag: Chanel

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