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    As time wears on, I find myself becoming more and more of a private person. I’ve been blogging for almost one month now and have voluntarily shared so much of myself online, from things as mundane as my makeup routine to my hijab story. These days, the more I put myself out there – particularly in front of the camera (where you can’t hide from anyone) – the more I crave time behind the lens.
    I’ve been getting into a lot more work assignments lately and I’m finding being ‘behind the scenes’ my true happy place. I am an introvert naturally and I find I need to connect with one person when I am speaking into the camera to come across as comfortable and engaging. I picture my readers and supporters of the blog/ Youtube channel as millennial young women, in their 20s who love beauty and fashion but with a spin. That means, not sacrificing one's religion to please others or the fashion community but instead finding the beauty within the religion. I am proud of being a hijab wearing Canadian woman who is a work in progress.
    It may sound trite, but this whole year has become so much more of a journey of self-discovery than I had imagined. The day after my birthday, I realized my 20's are not actually as big of a deal as everyone made it out to be. But it wasn’t until it was suddenly November (!) that the light switch came on. Because it’s what came after turning 20 that struck the world for me:

    Discovering ‘doing what you love’ in its truest, most disarming and earth-shattering sense of the phrase. Realising that the entire year was just this silly dance of trial and error. Being defeated by what I thought I was good at it; then stumbling across something buried deep inside me that has made everything fall neatly into place.
    I want to set the world on fire. And although life for me will always be one big experiment, it’s the sound of the shutter, with my own eyes peering through the looking glass, that I’d say, really is, my happy place.

    This week's thought in a nutshell:
     You are not free until you have no need to impress anybody.

    The truth is, I’m still figuring this one out.

    Peace and Love,

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    With a childhood growing up in Kenya, her everyday style has stemmed from her love of the  casual chic way of dressing. With a love for premium fashion and beauty, she hopes to inspire her readers, along with showing them you can get the simplistic everyday chic look for less
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