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    How Striving for Perfect can Kill your Dreams!

    Pursuing perfectionism in all you do might seem like a good mantra to follow, but it can actually have the opposite effect.


    Are you a perfectionist? If so, you're probably limiting your career's potential. Pursuing perfectionism in all you do might seem like a good mantra to follow, but it can actually have the opposite effect. This weekend, I tried to upload new content on my Youtube channel, finish writing a paper and go for an eight hour shift. Like the saying goes, 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail,' I made sure that I planned my weekend to the fullest. Well, Saturday rolled around and I woke up, immediately checked my laptop and realized that I had accidentally deleted all of my weekend content three hours before my weekend shift starts. I naturally went through multiple emotions, first shock, then anger and finally sadness. My brain was muddled with thoughts of thoughts of "well I can't possibly recreate a whole new video, edit, upload and send this to my loyal readers" because it isn't up to my perfectionist standard. I need time!" 

    Then I remembered that perfectionism inherently limits opportunities. I allowed myself to think, okay what would happen if I use this precious time to recreate a favourite video that I love watching. A 'What's in My Bag' video that is fun but also, an informal video that I can film, edit and upload in three hours. As I got into the process, I found editing short-cuts, and sparks of creativity flowed in the video that the previous one didn't. I was much open, talkative and happier than in the previous video. 

     A lesson I learnt was that the more important perfection is to you, the less comfortable you are with imperfection. I have to realize that attempting anything new is almost guaranteed to be bumpy at first, and you can't allow your imperfections nature to limit the number of doors you are willing to walk through

    Second point , perfectionism sabotages your self-belief. When you measure performance and success against an ideal of perfection, you will always fail to measure up. Of course, your brain will tell you there is always some way you could have done better. This constant message culminating in your brain can be devastating to your self-belief. You are reinforcing the message, " I'm not good enough, I can't do it right." 

    Confidence in your own ability is vital if you want to push your comfortable boundary into thriving and successful ventures in business and your personal life. Son't sabotage your self-belief by focusing on what could you have done better. Instead, congratulate yourself on taking risks, expanding your horizons and having courage to start something new!

    Let me know your thoughts on this Sunday Confesstions chat. Do you also have a perfectionist streak in yourself? If so, what are some tips you can share with us to channel your perfectionism into workable solutions? Write them down in the comment section below!

    Peace and Love,


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