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     I don’t wear purple often, but every time I do I think I need to wear it more. I just love how vibrant this purple blazer is, and it makes my outfit fresher without any effort. This was a very simple look I wore yesterday for work and visiting the Muttart Conservatory. You have seen this skirt before, and I fell in love with it as it's a narrow fit that makes your legs look taller than they really are.  The wrap around belt was a wrapping bow I received in a package and it works as the perfect polka dot belt. 

    Next week will be a little bit different than this one, and I will be posting more regularly I have so much to show you. Besides that we are going on a weekend trip and I can’t wait to take you all to this time a very stunning location. Wishing you all a lovely weekend!




    Blazer: Aritzia (Old), similar

    Skirt: Local boutique, similar

    Scarf: Le Chateau

    Shirt: H & M 

    Ballet Flats: Chloe

    Watch: Daniel Wellington

    It is ironic that I chose to wear this outfit on the day that Hillary Clinton also wore a purple blazer and a coordinating purple shirt underneath when delivering her concession speech. I immediately began questioning the significance of the colour purple- and why it was so prominently displayed by Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton, his by way of his tie. Some articles online quote that because of the colour's rarity, it can symbolize nobility, wealth and power.

    However, bizarrely, it can also be associated with magic, the supernatural and spirituality. Yikes, these ideas aren't what I think of when I wear purple. I wear purple because it genuinely makes me feel better and it flatters my dark skin. It's a colour that brightens out my caramel skin tone, makes my brown eyes glisten and my lips radiant and plump. If that's called magic and power, I'm all in.

    Thank you for reading this post. I hope you got some inspiration to channel purple into your wardrobe. 

    Peace and Love,


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