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    Assalam Aleikum, Lovelies! No matter where you are in your hijab journey, I hope that I can inspire and encourage you through my experiences inshaAllah. I know many would agree with me when I say that the hijab is basically an expression of spirituality and a personal bond with one's creator, a tangible spiritual reminder that guides everyday life.In any case, I hope you enjoy reading this post and advice. My advice is based on my personal experience and lessons I have learnt. I I hope you can find the hijab a little easier with my tips inshAllah.

    1. Start with small steps. Hijab is definitely more than just a scarf around your hair (even though that is the scariest part). I always dressed pretty modesty for a teenage girl, wearing the occasional 3/4 sleeves but the main area I needed a lot of work was the gym. I am a gym fanatic and I wore long sleeve tops and yoga pants to the gym regularly. However, I didn't take into consideration how my workout clothes were so tight. I was just focused on how full coverage the outfit was but now I realize that it was too tight. Now, I made the transition to jogging pants and a loose top and I still feel normal at the gym. I cannot imagine going back to short sleeve tops. Starting slow with your overall outfit choices is the easiest way to make transition to wearing the hijab. test.

    2. Follow hijab bloggers and vloggers for inspiration and advice for modest dressing. Try to define your personal style. This is so important when it comes to feeling confident and beautiful in your hijab. Whether you are girly, minimal, boho, sophisticated, classic, hipster, artsy…you can incorporate hijab into your personal style and still be the same girl you have always been!! Take a look at my Youtube channel and the different hijab styles I have posted. Find which hijab style works the BEST for you and stick with it. Afterwards, you can experiment with different hijab styles.
    3. Make an effort to do things for yourself that make you feel beautiful. Once in a while when I started wearing hijab, my mother organized a girl's party at my house, made homemade desserts, wore cute dresses, we did our hair and makeup, and enjoyed an assortment of different hot chai tea! Getting your girlfriends together and getting all dolled up really helps you feel good about yourself. As hijabis, we don’t get the opportunity to dress up like other girls and sometimes it can leave us resenting hijab and feeling left out. It was the best day ever and I really felt like I wasn't left out. Also, I was guilty of continually leaving it in buns and pretty much forgetting about it.  Now, I make an effort to fix my hair more often by tying fishtail braids and experimenting with temporary hair dye for events. It doesn’t matter if its only my family, friends and I who will see it that day, because it makes me feel good about myself!

    4. Remind yourself of the reason for wearing hijab in the first place. If I ever receive any negativity or if I am just having a trouble with my self-confidence in my hijab that day, I always bring myself right back to the reason I started in the first place. Knowing that I am fulfilling an obligation with my Lord and knowing there is immense reward in what I am doing always makes me feel stronger. I want you to know that by wearing hijab, you are not oppressed. Wearing hijab declares that you are an obedient servant to the Greatest Master and you are free from any man-made system. We are not worried about how our bodies look to other people as we pass by, because that is not who we are trying to impress. We are not worried if our way of life does not fit into the puzzle pieces of society, because that is not who we are striving to please. Now that I feel more confident in hijab, I can’t describe to you the feeling I have when I wear it out in public other than free

    If you are struggling with hijab, my best advice would be to make dua and ask Allah (SWT) to make it easy on you and to make you love it. He knows our struggles better than we know them ourselves and is the only One with the power to make it easier for us. Never underestimate the power of prayer. 

    5. Know that wearing hijab will NOT stop you from doing anything you want to do in life. I have lots of dreams of what I would like to do in my life while I am still alive. I never limit my ambitions for travel, going on a backpacking trip across Europe, swimming with dolphins, running a 10k marathon, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, swim under a waterfall and work in multiple countries. I want you to know that hijab will not stop you from anything you want to do in your life! You may have to work harder to find modest clothing for any occasion, but Allah will reward you for every struggle and is proudly watching as His slave strives to please Him.

    Peace and Love,


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