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      When it comes to style inspirations, look no further than Audrey Hepburn. Why do I love Audrey Hepburn's style? Let me count the ways: She is the queen of quaint charm, what she wore a half-century ago is still in style and no one rivals her ability to look demure yet completely feminine. The combination of her heartwarming personality and effortless fashion sense is what made her such as icon over the years, one with a wardrobe that is tasteful, timeless and classic. 

    There are so many reasons why this blog post is different than the rest. First, I am talking a little about the separation from my private life and public life via this blog. Read on to hear some of my thoughts and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

                         DIFFERENT THAN USUAL

    Believe it or not, and I won’t blame you if you don’t, but I really don’t enjoy talking about myself. Books I’ve read or the people I love or comical situations I find myself in, yes these sorts of things I enjoy sharing. Otherwise, I don’t really offer information up about myself unless specifically asked. Now perhaps this is because I have this wonderful outlet right here, where I wander and ramble about all sides of myself but also, I simply find other people far more intriguing. Sure, I’ll call my parents or closest friends and spill every tiny insight into my life but at a party, or around a dinner table with new people, I prefer to listen. I am extremely a shy person who takes a long time to warm up to different people. Growing up, I had my brothers and sisters to connect with and valued my connections with my siblings such that I never actually asked someone else who wasn't related to me if can be their best friend. 

     It can be uncomfortable sharing so much of oneself online and it is a discomfort I will never grow used to. I have my internet life, but I also have my real life, and these do undeniably overlap but I don’t like when one is pulled into the other suddenly and by someone I barely know. That sounds like a complaint but I’m not complaining, it just makes me anxious in a way I can’t really explain. I enjoy the process of getting to know someone in private, the rush and excitement when I find out common interests, favourite food and why they are who they are.

     Most of my days are like that, and it can be awkward when you’re at dinner in sneakers and wearing your favourite uni sweater accidentally draped in a regular scarf and a friend of a friend pulls out their phone, and exclaims ; ‘wow, that’s you?!” Oh, yes that's me. I am not perfect at every second of my life. When I write down my five minute makeup routine to looking presentable, I really mean it. In the mornings, I get ready in   five minutes, stat!


    Jacket: Zara (SOLD OUT), similar

    Scarf: Local boutique, similar

    Maxi Skirt: Zara, similar

    Bag: Vintage, similar

    Thank you for reading this post. I hope you got to know a little about me. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Are you an extrovert, introvert or a little of both? 

    Peace and Love,


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    With a childhood growing up in Kenya, her everyday style has stemmed from her love of the  casual chic way of dressing. With a love for premium fashion and beauty, she hopes to inspire her readers, along with showing them you can get the simplistic everyday chic look for less
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