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    How to Style a Backpack for Everyday Wear


    Stylish leather backpack, for the woman that carries everything! Ladies, lay off the tote bags and embrace the backpack. Read on...

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    Backpack: Zara

    I live a half an hour drive from my workplace, and make the journey into the city five days a week for work and social occasions. Over the past four years that I have been in this routine (I previously lived closer to downtown), I've grappled with how to carry the heavy things I inevitably take with me - laptop, camera, magazines, notebooks...

    I've found a great 'throw everything in' tote bags, however nothing is as ergonomic as a backpack. What to do however, if you don't get backpacks?

    Like um, me ?!

    I found this backpack a little while ago at Zara in store and I was so excited to see it so much that I barely had to ponder but marched straight to the counter. It is very deceptive because it doesn't look like your standard backpack but it fills all of my daily essentials, laptop, camera and a standard water bottle.
    Second issue that I couldn't get my head around what I would wear a backpack without looking like a student. And then it happened...

    I tackled my newbie backpacker-wearer insecurities on how it looks with work casual looks - I now wear backpacks all of the time.  First, choose a backpack that fits your daily lifestyle. If you are a student, stick with a sporty backpack as you are probably wearing the bag with sneakers. If you are a working girl, stick with neutral coloured backpacks that look modern-esque, sleek and professional. 

    Don't change your personality, if you prefer a bubblegum pink bag, just go for it.

    In my case, I decided to add a mix of casual, athleisure elements with tailored pieces, which would keep the look feeling modern and elegant. Also, a cream backpack acts as a contrast to an all black look and I tie it together by adding cream coloured silk scarf as a hijab and top the overall look with a  black blazer or coat. Overall, I feel smartly dressed enough to attend meetings but so much more comfortable for having ditched the tote bag for the day.

    FYI, I also carry a small cross-body bag with all of my immediate essentials. 
    Are you guys into backpacks now? Have you tried this look, or does it feel scary?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    NB: To see what's in my backpack, check this post.

    Peace and love,

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