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    Autumn Whites

    Prepare for things to get fanciful...

    How can nature be so incredibly stunning at this time of the year? Red leaves and autumn sunsets leave me absolutely speechless. Fall/ Autumn is definitely my favourite season and I would love it I can provide you a glimpse into what makes this season special for myself. Every year, when the season rolls around, I promise that I will take as many pictures as possible for the blog before it's all gone and snowfall and icy roads are the only constant. You all know it will be five minutes before winter is here, eh?

     Here's to living in the moment and wearing my tulle skirt!

    When I wear a tulle skirt, it sort of makes me feel like a modern Princess. Sure, one that pays her bills and commutes to work, but still likes to indulge in a little whimsical fairytale now and again. I purchased this cream tulle skirt for Eid and have gotten so much wear out of it since then, you can see one of my style posts featuring it here. I often wear it dressed down with heeled sandals and a blazer for birthday parties, engagements and even,weddings. It's all about how you can change the look by switching up your accessories. In this post, I put on my favourite watch and finished the look with my classic Wallet on Chain.

    Some of my tips for working a tulle skirt without looking like a toddler include:

    1. Go for a longer tulle skirt, it looks more elegant and modern. The shorter skirts are quite difficult to style as they tend to resemble ballerina tutus.

    2. Add a little edginess to your ensemble such as a statement jumper, a leather jacket or a studded blazer.

    3. To add a grown-up glamour to your look, don't forget your statement watch, cute sunglasses and a clutch bag.

    4. Stick with a either a black or cream tulle skirt and avoid blue and pink colours. The volume and length of the tulle skirt might loose girly with bright colours.

    So, ladies, feel free to not follow these tips on tulle-dressing and add your dose of magic into the outfit. Don't be afraid of the tulle skirt as it will serve you for many fabulous outfits to come. As per usual, I have done some searching online and I found my top picks to work this look. They are displayed below for you to browse and shop with ease.

    Shop the look:

    Tulle Skirt- Needle & Thread

    Blazer: Club Monaco

    Shirt: H&M

    Scarf: Voile Chic

    Bag: Chanel

    Peace and Love,


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