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    15 Essentials for a Capsule Makeup Collection

    Strip down your makeup essentials into high quality pieces you can always depend on. From light-weight foundations to illuminating highlighters and fabulous lipsticks, I have rounded up 12 products that are our absolute must-haves for a capsule makeup collection.

    And while I'm still edging my way towards the capsule wardrobe, lately my focus has been on creating a capsule makeup collection. Because you see, I have a similar problem with makeup - and maybe you too- where I have a sizeable collection - most of which stay in my drawers. Lots of mistakes made with lipsticks that look too nude, eyeshadow palettes with all glitter shades... but still haven't found their way to the bin.

    Now, I still love makeup, but I'm inspired to turn my swamp of products into a carefully curated team of high performing products that I love using day to day. So here's a rundown of how I sprinkled my makeup collection what my dream collection looks like and where I'm at now.

    If you have any tips or you're doing the same for yourself, please let me know in the comments below!


    From left to right:

    From left to right:

    With some help from the Kon Marie Method (highly recommend!) last week, I discarded 85% of my makeup and beauty products. That being said, lots of my products were plain old, but there was a tonne of things that got the bin because I didn't love them. And experience tells me that what I don't love, I won't use.

    After the clearing I felt a lot lighter. Did the clearing teach me anything? Well, I have some observations. For one, it seemed that I was always looking for the 'just perfect' nude lipstick for dark skin. I must have had at least 5 red, 11 nude lipsticks at around the same shades. Some of these lipsticks I'd barely used more than a handful of times.

    It kind of reminds of when your wardrobe is bursting, but you have nothing to wear. With no plan, I think I was endlessly shopping and amassing bits that just appealed to me or were just too pretty to walk away from. No winder nothing really went together.

    From left to right:

    Detox complete, I've been thinking about what my dream collection would look like. As a makeup lover, it would be enough that I could mix and match to create almost any look, but still effortlessly fitting into my makeup counter.

    To some readers, this may seem like a tonne of makeup but for me, this is as lean as I can currently handle, while still feeling like me. So, for now the strategy is to use up what I have and gradually replacing my capsule makeup essentials with natural products.

     Left:    Swatch of NARS Lip Pencil in Rikugien
     Right:  Swatch of NARS Lip Pencil in Cruella                                                                                      

    Will I ever get to the dream capsule collection? I hope so but at this stage, I still have a box of extra bits that I need to use up. Once they're out of the way, it'll be a case of  staying on top of what I have, and for heaven's sake not buying another my lips but better dusty purple lipstick. It's all about the edit and buying products that you love and will continue to reach for them everyday. 

    Wish me luck! And if you have any high performing product recommendations, please let me know!

    Peace and Love,


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