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    What I Eat in a Day

    What I am really conscious and mindful about is what I put inside my body, how I sleep and how I take care of my body.

    For me, this means starting everyday with a cup of hot water and lemon. This is a routine that I strictly follow and in the coming months, due to the prevalence of colds and the flu, I will add organic  Manuka honey and ginger root to the lemon and hot water. During the day, I try to drink 3 Litres of water.

    Next, I continue with my morning routine with a 20-30 minute Yoga and mediation session and then get ready for the day. My breakfast normally consists of steel-cut oats with in season berries, Manuka honey, flax seeds, and a pinch of cinnamon. Then, I will take my protein shake which includes frozen blueberries and cherries, frozen chickpeas, bananas, almond milk, a handful of kale and protein powder. I do not like the taste of protein powder so I add the berries and bananas to cancel out the bitter taste.

    A lunch favourite currently is a type of fish and a mixture of vegetables and salad. Today, I had roasted salmon with herbs, sprinkle of salt and black pepper, cilantro and lemon. I included a salad with red and green bell peppers drizzled with olive oil to replace soy sauce.

    For a mid-day snack, it honestly boils down to what is in the fridge that I can take with me in the morning. Normally, it can be a stem of grapes and cut strawberries, yogurt, handful of almonds, or a hard-boiled egg. I prefer to take protein inside of fruits but fruits are important for an afternoon boost.

    For dinner, I grabbed salad with lemon, and two slices of homemade pizza with vegan mozzarella, vegan parmesan and tomato sauce. This pizza was a treat as I was celebrating finishing fall semester midterms. Then I grabbed a mini naked juice for an evening fruity drink.

    I admit that I used to be stricter when it came to my diet but now, I allow myself some breathing room to indulge in sweet treats such as hot chocolate and butter croissants on Sundays for brunch. My all-time guilty pleasure is a moist, perfectly baked carrot cake.

    Last but not least, I believe that healthy eating is really about loving yourself and knowing that you are treating yourself with kindness. When I am living a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food and doing some exercise, I look and most important, I FEEL better.

    Peace and Love,

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