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    Something Navy

    I've always loved how a navy cashmere sweater streamlines just about every outfit, adding a more polished element to whatever you are wearing.

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    Edmonton has been seeing  some cooler and snowy days so I've been rotating through sweaters and wearing various sweaters with denim jackets, light-weight trench coats, army-green parkas, blazers and leather jackets and wearing them with skirts and dresses.

    This season, I've been trying my hand at a navy blue sweater, opting for one that hits at the waist so it sits a bit more flattering on my body. I find that when it comes to the perfect fit of a cashmere sweater, if its too short-it cuts your body in half in not a very good way and too long-it  will just look unflattering like a tent over your body.

    Ok, so let's talk about why navy blue is the right colour for a sweater. I love the colour because it is more versatile than black. The navy colour gives the sweater some complexity- it can look causal and and classic chic depending on how you style your outfit around the navy sweater.

    In this post, I am wearing a sky blue chambray shirt tucked in and a light grey linen skirt to keep the look smart casual. I resisted from wearing black because navy and black together creates a moody dark outfit that would be suitable for an evening outfit.

    To get a little bang for your buck, I would recommend purchasing a cashmere navy sweater in a relaxed fit size. There are many stores and online retailers that sell cashmere sweaters but I would recommend to try the sweater in person so see what feels cozy and luxurious to you.

    Product Review- Navy Cashmere Sweater

    1. Fit and care of sweaters are extremely important than other pieces of clothing. I prefer purchasing a relaxed fit sweater as you may wear a shirt or a turtleneck underneath the sweater when the weather gets cold. Versatile and classic, check.
    2. Care of sweaters are highly debated but I tend to stay on the safe side. I hand wash my sweaters at home and lay the sweaters on a flat surface to  dry. This process reduces shrinkage and avoids the pulling on the sides of sweaters. Remember, if you hang the sweaters in a clothes hanger or in your closet, the sweater may stretch so just lay the wet sweater horizontally on a hard, flat surface to dry.

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