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    Purple Haze

    Do you always gravitate to dark and neutral clothing? Do you promise to start wearing more colour but inevitably just keep adding white and grey to your wardrobe?

    Of course not! No?  Really?! I mean I love black clothing but I also try to wear colour right?

        Gianvito Rossi pumps

        Chanel WOC, Leather Jacket

    Okay... yes. I am guilty of often only wearing dark and neutral clothing and in this post, I attempt to pick a statement colour like purple which may seem scary. This style challenge is to build an outfit around the colour purple that you can comfortably wear over and over again.


    In the image consulting business, the colour purple is a balance between the brashness of red and the calmness of blue. Purple has mystic qualities that calms the mind and nerves while also stimulating curiosity and creativity. It's in the duality that evokes mystery, allure and sophistication.

        J Crew sweater (SOLD OUT), similar, similar

    Strangely, in my adolescence, I went through a long, painful phase where purple was my favourite colour. I routinely wore purple in my cool puma shoes, my purple tote bag and purple chunky necklaces. I pat myself on the back that it only featured in my accessories. 

    Fun Fact: The colour purple during the Roman Empire denoted great wealth and position. A man with rank would often wear purple.

       Don't get me wrong, I will still continue to wear black but now, I will incorporate pieces that do all of the work (thoughtful outfit with one standout piece that's not black) for me. Case in point, the J Crew sweater This sweater has different shades of the same colour,  purple, in a geometric print that catches the light and positions the eye to the torso. The sweater is the central pice of the outfit, thus, the rest of the outfit should complement the sweater, not try to compete with it.

    Last but not least, I take on the mysterious allure of the colour purple, put on my shades and favourite heels and head out the door.

    Peace and Love,


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