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    My Five Style Essentials

    1. The Black Pump

    A perfect, pointy pump makes every outfit instantly chic and on point (excuse the pun). Whenever I feel that I need an instant feel of Olivia Pope "I got this" aura, I reach in my shoe closet and put on my Gianvito Rossi pointy toe black suede 80mm pointy toe heels. Hang on, I know what you're thinking, "heels cannot be comfortable all day or can they?"I understand that don't want to be titter tottering all day while trying to be self-assured. However, 80 mm is the perfect heel height that is high enough and can be worn all day.

       Shoes: Gianvito Rossi 80 mm pumps, (similar), (similar), (similar)

     I prefer the suede over leather and PVC due to personal preference. Also, I prefer pointy toe instead of almond and round toe because wearing pointy-toe shoes instantly make you taller and overall, more slender. Also, The suede material feels more luxurious and understated than a classic leather. All in all, black heels are a given because they go with virtually everything in your closet, can be worn with day and evening outfits and are timeless and elegant. Just make sure to spray your heels with a water and stain protector and you're all set.

    2. The Wrap Coat

    On the most iconic pieces in a winter wardrobe that I consider one of the best stylish investments is a belted wrap coat, either in a navy or classic black. I have always known that this was the kind of coat that I wanted because it gives you a flattering feminine figure by cinching in your waist. You can wear it with casual looks untied to give an flowing, ethereal look or cinch the waist and pull up the collar to give you the strong city look.
        Coat: Max Mara Wool Angora Coat, (similar), (similar)

    3. The Black Blazer

    The black blazer is a basic that goes with absolutely everything. It never grows old and always add a finishing touch to an outfit to give it some dimension. When looking for a blazer, the fit is king. You need to take your time to browse different stores to see which blazer suits your body shape and height. For example, I have long arms an a short torso, so I tend to go with blazers with shoulder pads, 3/4 sleeves and a asymmetric cut to lengthen my torso.

     When it comes to a classic black blazer, pay attention to the cut. I tend to go for a blazer with a unique cut but can still retain the classic structure I am looking for. Also, one can wear a black blazer in all seasons depending on the way you choose to accessorize. In the summer, I pair my blazers with camisoles, t-shirts, blouses and in the winter, crewneck and turtleneck sweaters.

    This particular pair is expertly tailored with an asymmetric cut, 3/4 sleeves, pointed shoulders and a deep cut at the back. It is my all-time best fitting and flattering blazer.

        Blazer: Helmut Lang, (similar), (similar)

    5. The White Shirt

    The basic white shirt is a must-have item for everyone: man; woman; boy; girl; toddler.  It is the basis to build around a look and in my case, it provides a sharp contrast from all the other (i mean all) black items I have in my wardrobe. I normally buy 100% cotton shirts with a relaxed or oversized fit so I can choose whether to tuck it all the way in, tuck the front in, tuck diagonally... etc. Also, I also love to roll the sleeves to my forearm so I wear it comfortably with a sweater and blazer.
     Essentially, if you would like to see a blog post about different ways to wear a white shirt, please let me know below in the comments.

    However, in the photo, I am wearing an Equipment silk blouse that I purchased two years ago but is still my all-time favourite. This white shirt is more easy to tuck in to skirts and the silk drapes exceptionally well without overwhelming you. I can vouch for the quality of the silk shirt. I have washed it numerous times and it always come out looking like I just bought it. If you are investing in a silk shirt, I would recommend this brand. However, if you are looking for a basic white shirt, that does not require a huge investment. Stick to purchasing your it at your favourite local retailer.

        Shirt: Equipment Silk Blouse, (similar), (similar)

    Bonus Item

    •  Black Maxi Skirt
    I am including this item as a bonus item as some people may not consider this to be a style essential. However, for myself, the black maxi skirt is a must-have item much like how a black skinny jeans is to another person. Wow, where do I begin. I have at least 10 black maxi skirts in different lengths, fabric composition and style. This particular skirt was purchased from a local seller that no longer stocks the brand and I have not been able to find anything else similar to to. It is my most loved wool skirt in my collection as it is perfectly a-line, not-too tight, relaxed and most importantly, lined.

    My love for maxi skirts is real. To be honest, I love them mainly because they are so comfortable and easy to wear. In the summer, I pair it them with peasant blouses, a bright scarf and nude flats to create a boho look. In the fall/ winter, I love wearing white and cooler toned tops and with dark coloured scarves with the skirts.

        Skirt: SOLD OUT

    Although, my favourite look is wearing a my Helmut Lang Smoking Tuxedo Blazer, Equipment silk shirt, printed scarf and a wool skirt to create a timeless look.

        Peace and Love,


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