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    How to Transition Your Maxi Dress Into Fall

    So, to continue the trend of getting a enough of cost per wear for the blue cashmere sweater, I will demonstrate tips as to how to transition your maxi dress into fall.

    Sunglasses: Joe Fresh- Instore NOW
    Sweater: Navy Cashmere (Sold out), (similar), (similar)
    Bag: Vintage
    Maxi dress: Local, (similar), (similar)

    Maxi dresses are one of the most comfortable, figure flattering and forgiving items of clothing in your wardrobe to wear but there are also timeless and versatile. They are easy to add layers over them without your look being too bulky, making them the perfect transitional piece for fall months.

    This alone makes maxi dresses and skirts my favourite pieces to wear for fall. Also, a plus point is that you can extend your favourite summer maxi dresses into fall by getting creative with accessories you already have in your closet.

    The simplest maxi dresses to transition to the fall season are knit dresses, dresses with darker autumnal colours and non-bodycon dresses. However, if you still have your brightly coloured printed dresses, you can still use my four tips below to transition your maxi dress look.

     Add a statement piece

    One way to spice up your outfit is to wear your favourite accessory. In my case, I planned my outfit around the maxi dress and noticed taupe details in the navy blue dress. I found a colour similar but the not the same shade scarf at home. It was shimmering taupe scarf that I purchased from Lord & Taylor and I immediately knew that that is the statement piece for the outfit. I love how the camera caught the shimmery sparkles in the scarf. 

    Whenever I am finishing an outfit, I try out multiple scarves of the colours I am thinking of and just random colours I try in my full-length mirror to see which one will take the outfit to the next level. You never know, its always the least expected scarf that normally creates the aura and vibe that you're  been looking for! 

    P.S. (Sometimes I wear an outfit two or three times in my daily life to see how I can improve on it before I post an ootd on the blog)

    Wear it with a sweater

    Throw on a jumper when heading to school or work and cuff the ends at the wrists for an off-duty model chic look. Also, if the dress is long-sleeved or you have tons of arm candy jewellery, you can show off them off by rolling the cuffs up to the elbow. 

    Remember, sweaters have a way of making an outfit look sophisticated and put together as long as you get the fit right. Try to find a relaxed fit that shows off your silhouette and comfortable enough to wave your end without any restrictions.

    Add a pair of ankle boots

    Ankle boots are the definitive shoes of the fall season. I enjoy wearing ankle boots because they are appropriate for the workplace but are so comfortable and less formal than black pumps. An ankle boot with a 3 inch heel gives you some height like if you were wearing heels but boots won't want to make you pull your hair out in distress at 3 p.m. In particular, the ankle boots I am wearing are close to the shade of taupe but adds some khaki suede  element that ties the outfit together. Black shoes would have been too formal for the navy and taupe look in this scenario.

    However, I would recommend readers to purchase one fun coloured ankle boot to add an unexpected pop of colour to a basic outfit.  This year, the boot trends include snakeskin print, velvet and metallic boots. Last but not least, a classic black chelsea boot is an all-time must-have item for all of your fall and winter looks when you want to look polished, sophisticated and timeless.

    Add some rich coloured details

    In terms of the accessorizes, I decided to go with gold so as to bring out the richness in the taupe colours of the shoes, scarf and dress. The colour taupe  may seem very bland on paper but the taupe scarf has shimmering particles that glisten gold in the sunlight. Thus, I added a vintage bucket bag with gold buckles and sunglasses with sunglasses with gold, yellow tint. The sunglasses really pulled the gold in the outfit together. Last but not least, I am wearing some black tights with yellow side panels that are not shown in the photos for modesty reasons. Once the chill starts creeping into the air, I'll be styling those pants with large knits.

    Question: How do you wear your favourite summer pieces for fall? 

    Please let me know your answers below in the comments section

    Peace and Love,


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