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    Black, Red and Camel

    For my first stye outfit of the day, let me take you on the journey to the essence of style from how to tie the perfect black scarf to how to build a well edited wardrobe that you'll love forever.
    Wow...lot's to live up to now right?

    I am a Canadian fashion blogger currently living in Edmonton, Alberta. I preface this because today, because it is snowing and it is very cold. I dislike (borderline hate) any cold environments less than 20 degrees which is why this photo session took 20-25 minutes outside (steps away from my house) in minus degrees temperatures. I am only doing this for my love of fashion (no, I mean love for style because fashion fades duh!). Thank you for your patience and I will endeavour to improve my tolerance for standing outside in the winter to take effortless photos.

    A Duffle Coat

    A Duffle Coat is a practical coat to buy for Canadian winters as it can look off quite chic as a second coat without compromising on practicality. I chose the camel colour as it is not my everyday coat so I can experiment with  colour. I was worried that it looks too basic  but I normally wear it a black dress or a wool maxi skirt to elevate the look. Also, I love wearing a camel coat with a red scarf as it really brings out the warmness in the camel colour.

    Red Scarf: (similar)
    Sunglasses: Celine Baby Audrey
    Gloves: Limited Edition (similar)
    Sweater: J Crew (similar)
    Skirt: Local store
     Coat: Zara Duffle Coat with Faux Fur Hood (similar), (similar)

       Background Anecdote 

    P.S.  Please skip the text below and look at the picture only if you care about the mystique of a        person.
       "It's Thanksgiving," I scream into the empty cul de sac as my brother proceeds to lock the front door. He looks at me in a combination of confusion and disgust and enters the car parked in the garage. I enter the car while subtly glancing over my outfit of the day (yes I actually say that in my head now..oh instagram) and smiling sartorially. I casually mention to my brother, (oh no, he prefers Photographer) let's get out and take some outfit photos with your new camera. He eyeballs bulge, his lips flatten to a broad toothy smile and quickly exclaims, "yeah let's go...come on." I reply, "ok wait I have no makeup on, I'll apply my trusty red lipstick." I am a red lipstick connoisseur and I quickly pick a bluish-red lipstick from about 5 others in my makeup bag and carelessly apply the lipstick from the tube. When it looks okay to me and not smeared ( I am using the car mirror,  the most trusted mirror in the world when you are panicking), I put on my Celine shades and confidently walk towards the camera.

        Chanel Slingbacks

    Peace and Love,

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