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    Baby Blue, I Love You

       In this post, I am letting all you readers in on my recent guilty obsession with the colour, baby blue. Baby blue is such a dream colour, it reminds me of the sky, majestic and everlasting and of water, fluid and nourishing. Sorry, enough of the cheesy talk. I am just obsessed with baby blue for individual materialistic reasons such as it looks so pretty!

    So, I woke up this morning for work and opened my wardrobe in excitement because the weather was   promising today, no snowfall and only sunshine in the forecast. With this happiness, I remembered my baby blue scarf, took it out and created an outfit from this inspiration. I chose to pair the blue scarf with other light coloured shades so I can preserve the dreaminess of the look. Well, what do you know, I had way too much fun with this outfit that I almost forgot to photograph it and barely took decent photos of the look before the sun went down. Big mistake, I won't make that novice mistake again.

    Anyways, back to my love for baby blue, I am now in the mood for anything baby blue, a bag, a top, a coat, you name it, I'll consider it. I now have multiple browsers open staring at baby blue cars... especially Mini Coopers. Help!? I don't even like cars, am I loosing my mind? Or am I  being totally manipulated and influenced by this winter pastel trends.

    So guys, If you see any pastel blue anything, please send me the link in the comments below. Sorry for the bad photos, we tried to take decent enough photos in 10 minutes before sunset. Wow, I can't believe I didn't take gorgeous pictures when the sun was shinning but no use crying over spilled milk. Time does really fly.

    Baby Blue, I Love You.

    Peace and Love,


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