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    50 Random Facts About Me

    1.  I was a science major in college but don't particularly feel fulfilled in the field. (I still don't know what I want to do in life career-wise but I am taking every day as it comes)
    2. I got my driver's licence pretty early on and my first car was a classic Honda Civic. As a woman, I love driving alone and going for long evening drives.
    3. Give me chocolate and I'll do just about anything for you.
    4. I have been in a car accident and it gave me anxiety and fear for a year. (due to the support of family and reading dues, I conquered the fear)
    5. After I go shopping, I leave my purchases in the bag for a couple of days until I find an outfit to wear with it (Does that make me weird? Yes? I figured!)
    6. I don't like to drink pop fizzy drinks (FYI I only drink water and tea)
    7. I love reading books and enjoy going to bookstores and libraries on weekends.
    8. My favourite cuisine is Italian. I love lasagna, pasta, pizza, and tiramisu. If you aren't a fan of carbs, check out zucchini pasta with pesto sauce.
    9. I have attended 7 different schools before obtaining my high school diploma.
    10. Surprisingly, I don't cope well with change.

    1. I am very sentimental and keep thank you letters, childhood vacation photos and handwritten birthday cards from family and friends.
    2. On the day of my high school graduation, I went to a mall makeup counter and asked the salesgirl to do my makeup. Needless to say, I did not look effortlessly like Hale Berry but instead looked like I was auditioning for RuPaul's drag race. 
    3. I did not own a winter coat, winter boots, mittens and a scarf until first semester in college. For three years in high school, I wore a cardigan and flats to school during the winter seasons. Today, I am constantly cold and swear by Heat Holders, the world's warmest thermal socks.
    4.  My mom is one of my best friends. She is awesome and yes, we argue and makeup constantly.
    5. I am not a hoarder, it's just hard for me to throw things away.
    6. I've seen every episode of Gilmore Girls and Friends. I am waiting patiently until November for a Gilmore Girls reunion.
    7. My favourite colours depends on the season. In fall/ winter, its black and navy blue and in spring/ summer, its white and sky blue.
    8.  I love travelling and caught the travel bug early on in my life. I have travelled to France, Saudi Arabia, United States of America and Kenya.
    9. I enjoy swimming in a pool but I am slightly terrified about swimming in the ocean. The horizon seems endless and I fear that I'll loose track of the beach and get eaten by a shark in deep water. Oh JAWS, you have ruined beach vacations for me.
    10. I suffer from 'mood swings' during winter and I work hard at starting every day with a purpose and a goal to achieve because winter just gets me down. 

    1. I am a list maker, I have lists everywhere and for everything. If its not on a list, it won't get done.
    2. If The Shawshank Redemption is on tv, I have to watch it.
    3. No matter the temperature, I have to sleep with a comforter and socks.
    4. I can't watch animated shows and films. My last animated movie I watched was Lilo and Stitch.
    5. I am an introvert and proud. For the longest, I had to pep myself to act as an extrovert when meeting people but I am now comfortable in my skin.
    6. I can't leave home without a lip balm.
    7. My favourite desert is ice-cream. Do you now understand why I need to go to Italy?
    8. I'm not a lovey like touchy person. In somali culture, we greet one another with three cheek kisses and a hug but I would prefer giving one another a smile.
    9. My biggest deal breaker are people that lack basic manners such as please, thank you and treating servers as disposable people.
    10. I have trouble finding rings that fit me as my ring size is 5.

    1. I don't think there's anything sexier than a rough man's Italian accent.
    2. I never finish stories about my life because I laugh the hardest when it's about myself.
    3. I'm team Apple everything (it's a thing about loyalty, I'm loyal to a fault).
    4. I want to go back to school for further studies but I've yet to decide.
    5. As a child, I was obsessed with early 90s and 2000s wrestling. My siblings and I practiced the moves on each other.
    6. I rarely display emotions in public and when I do, it's a long overdue stream of emotions that cannot be contained. My friends and family understand this and let me be.
    7. December is a big month for our family, there are four birthdays and multiple holidays.
    8. The Joker is my favourite comic book character. WTF was Jared Leto doing in Suicide Squad, it was bad.
    9. My favourite memory growing up is wearing a red dress in grade school. I wore the dress until it couldn't zip up and I wish that I still had it for memories. (it's a header mentality)
    10. Growing up, I rarely left the suburbs and thought the world only included parks, schools, mosque library and the nearby mall. My mind expanded when I went to downtown with my mom via the subway. Needless to say, I had a panic attack from the crowds and skyscrapers.

    1. I grew up in a neighbourhood where everyone looked like me. Thus, when we went travelling and I saw diverse people, I would be deathly afraid of different people and scream if they spoke to me.
    2. I am not a pet person. The only animals I enjoy is observing them in the wild and appreciating their beauty in their natural habitat.
    3. My first crushes were Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and the black power ranger.
    4. Without my glasses and contacts, I can't see anything but colours and shapes.
    5. One of my goals in life is to live in another country for work and return to Canada to start a family.
    6. I love being in a big family, with a big family you never feel alone. There's always someone who will listen to your rants.
    7. One of my skills include projecting a genuine 'plastic' smile and hiding my true emotions in conversations if they are mundane and uninteresting.
    8. I try to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well, working out and getting a good night sleep.
    9. When it comes to my hair, I am a relatively non-fuss person. I shampoo, condition, oil and that's about it. Yes, I am proud of wearing the hijab for a religious reason but the added benefit of keeping your hair natural and healthy makes me happy. 
    10. Lastly, a funny anecdote. My dad had to entertain and cook for us for a couple of days when I was younger and his approach of feeding us still cracks me crack up.  As the leader of the pack, my dad cooked us delicious pasta with sauce, took the pot from the store, placed four forks in the pot and placed it on the kitchen table. We all looked up shocked and my father basically shrugged and remarked, "okay guys, dig in." We dug in and it is still literally the best meal I've ever had.

       Peace and Love,

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